Toma Tomov. Constantinople and the Russian colony (till 1204). In Bulgarian


     The book is devoted to the question of a trading quarter or a colony of the subjects of Kievan Prince. The Russians had their own quarter in Constantinople, known as the Russian Embolos. It is known to us from one text only, namely Antony's Kniga Palomnik. It was situated in the best commercial real estate of the city and on the north side of the Mese. The most likely time for the establishment of the Russians inside the walls of the Byzantine capital lies within a period not earlier than the late tenth century, nor later than the year 1043. The Russian quarter was destroyed in the year of 1203 by the Great Fire, an act of the participants of the Fourth Crusade.


Table of contents

Въведение [Introduction]

Глава I. Константинопол — исторически бележки [Chapter I. Constantinople: Historical notes]

Глава II. Обликът на пазара [Chapter II. The the physical presence of the market]

Глава III. Русите в Константинопол през Х век [Chapter III. The Russians in Constantinople in the 10th century] 

Глава IV. Русите в Константинопол през ХI—XII век [Chapter IV. The Russians in Constantinople in 11th12th century]

Глава V. Руският портик в Константинопол [Chapter V. The Russian portico in Constantinople]

Заключение [Conclusions]

Бележки [Notes]

Библиография [Bibliography]

Приложения [Appendices]

Константинопол и руската колония (до 1204 г.)

Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian
Pages 166
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-535-497-7
Creation date 2009
Size 14 х 21 cm

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