Inter tempora. The Chronology of the Early Medieval Period: Issues, Approaches, Results. Proceedings of the national conference, Arad, 26th29th September 2018 (Orbis Mediaevalis II)
Inter tempora. Cronologia perioadei medievale timpurii. Probleme, abordări, rezultate
Language: English, Romanian


Table of contents


The list of participants

I. Stanciu. The Decoration of Wheel-thrown Pottery and its Chronological Uses (7th9th/10th Centuries). Case Study: The Pottery from North-West Romania

C. Cosma. The Avar Presence in Transylvania: Chronology. Motivation. Territorial boundaries

E. Corbu. Considerations Regarding the Archaeological Chronology and the Dating of Early Medieval Settlements in the Bărăgan Plain (8th11th Centuries)

C. Talmaţchi. The Contribution of Pottery to Determining the Relative Chronology of the Early Medieval Sites in Dobrudja

D. Tănase. The Relative Chronology of the Early Medieval Settlement in Susani “Săliște” (Timiș County) from the Perspective of the Discovered Pottery

A. Ioniţă. Issues Regarding the Chronology of Turanic Graves from the Area between the Lower Danube, the Carpathians and the Dniester, Dated to the 10th13th Centuries

Erwin Gáll, A. Türk et al. Can One Use the Results of 14C Analyses to Perform Historical Interpretations? The Case of the 10th century Funerary Site in Cluj-Napoca-Zapolya Street

A. Dragotă, M. Blăjan. Graves with Military Equipment from the Necropolis in Alba-Iulia “Statia de Salvare” (19791981), Horizon II

K. László. Habitation Traces from the Age of the Arpads on the Boundary of Sangeorgiu de Mureş

M. Takács. Some Considerations at the End of a Big Settlement-Project



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