Stone plastic in Bulgaria’s Medieval capital Turnovo (11851393)
Каменната пластика от средновековната българска столица Търново

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     Sculpture in the Bulgarian capital Turnovo occupies a prominent, although a relatively modest, or rather, a discreet place, without imposing itself on, or dominating the church and secular buildings. Unfortunately the monuments discovered are mainly fragmented but they bear witness to the development of sculpture during the Second Bulgarian kingdom.


Table of contents


I. Sculpture during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in the context of Byzantine and Western European art

Relief plastic in architecture decoration

Byzantine and Western traditions

Problems of research

II. History and problems of research

Discovery and storage of monuments

Problems of research

III. Functional characteristics and classification

Figural reliefs

Grave stones


grave stones

grave monuments

Stone inscriptions

headstone inscriptions

donor inscriptions


figural capitals

zoomorphic and anthropomorphic capitals

ornamental decoration (fitomorphic and geometric)

Bases, columns, cornices, architraves, parts of altar partitions


cornices and friezes


Stone phials

IV. Masters and workshops, local production and imports

Turnovo, centre of arts and culture in the 12th14th century

Masters and workshops

Local production and imports






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