Sofia and Belgrade: Archaeological Pearls. An exhibition of photographs on the occasion of 15 years of cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the field of archaeology.
Софија и Београд  археолошки бисери
Language: English—SerbianBulgarian


Table of contents

Sofia and Belgrade: Archaeological Pearls

S. Goryanova, V. Bikić. Investigation and interpretation of archaeological cultures on the territories of Bulgaria and Serbia academic project

S. Goryanova. The archaeological treasures of Sofia

V. Nikolov, D. Takorova. Slatina-Sofia: Among the symbols of the first European civilization

T. Hristova, V. Petrova. Settlement at the village of Chepintsi dated to Final Late Bronze Age

A. Bozhkova, V. Dinchev. Multilayer site № 2 on the Northern Bypass Highway in Sofia, Benkovski neighbourhood

I. Borisova, A. Aladzhov. The Western gate of Serdica

P. Stoyanova. A section of the Northern defensive wall of Serdica

K. Shalganov. Streets and city insula at Nezavisimost Square (Largo)

M. Ivanov. Serdica in the 1st6th century

V. Katsarova. On Sveta Nedelya Square during Antiquity

Z. Velichkov. The Roman theatre and amphitheatre in Serdica

Y. Meshekov. St Sophia church and the cemeteries of Serdica

K. Shalganov. Late Antique mausoleum in Lozenets neighbourhood

M. Daskalov, S. Goryanova. Early Christian complex in Lozenets neighbourhood

S. Goryanova. Early Christian basilica and Medieval cemetery near the town of Bukhovo

I. Cholakov, M. Raycheva. Late Antique production complex near the village of Mirovyane

S. Goryanova. Sofia from the Medieval until the National Revival Period

F. Petrunov. Kokalyane Urvich

V. Todorov, N. Atanasova. St George the Victorious monastery at Kremikovtsi

M. Daskalov. Late Medieval cemetery at the western arch of Sofia ring road


Belgrade and Sofia: Archaeological Pearls

S. Goryanova, V. Bikić. Investigation and interpretation of archaeological cultures on the territories of Bulgaria and Serbia academic project

V. Bikić. Challenges of the archaeology of Belgrade

M. Spasić. Prehistoric settlements at the Upper town (Gornji grad) of the Belgrade fortress

V. Bikić. Discovering the Austrian Belgrade: Researches at the Blockhaus

S. Lasić. Researches in the area of the Roman sacral complex in the Lower town of the Belgrade fortress

V. Bikić. Fortifications of the suburb on the Sava and Serbian military architecture in the 14th century

V. Bikić. Builging and restorations of the ammunition storehouse in the Eastern Suburb

V. Bikić. From the Roman rampart to the Austrian counterguard: The stratigraphy of defences of the area around the river

S. Lasić. Built constructions of the Roman Singidunum: Researches in Pariska Street

M. Spasić, N. Mićović. The Bronze Age and Roman site in Cincar Jankova Street

S. Lasić. The entrance in to the castrum of Singidunum: The site of Rajićeva Street

V. Bikić. Changes in the urban structure of the city at the beginning of the Modern period

S. Lasić. The settlements zone of Singidunum of the Danubian slope

V. Bikić, I. Bugarski. The Old Synagogue and settlement archaeology of Dorćol

N. Mićović. The South-Eastern necropolis of the Roman Singidunuim: The site of “Pionirski park”

M. Spasić. The Neolithic settlement at the site of Banjica

M. Spasić. A Vinča culture settlement at the site of Crkvine in Stubline


София и Белград. Археологически бисери


Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English, Serbian
Pages 154
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-76-9
Creation date 2019
Size 25 х 21 cm

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