Medieval nobility in Central Europe: The Himfi family
Category: Medieval Europe
Language: English


Table of contents




Historiography of the Himfi

Part I


2.The second generation

2.1. Before the Banat

2.2. Arrival in the Banat

2.3. Ladislas Himfi and his career

2.4. The Banat before 1320

2.5. Acquisitions

2.6. The Himfi in the Banat

3.The third generation

3.1. The tensions within the kindred and the division of land

3.2. Paul Himfi’s descendants: John Himfi (13421353)

3.3. Benedict Himfi (13431380)

3.4. Benedict as ban of Bulgaria (13661369)

3.5. The end of the Banat of Bulgaria

3.6. The end of the third generation

3.7. Catherina Himfi

3.8. The collateral branches

3.9. Nicholas I Himfi (13401387)

4. The fourth and fifth generations

4.1. Stephen Himfi (13771421)

4.2. Nicholas II Himfi’s sons (13821418)

4.3. Benedict II and Him II (Naboria)

5. The fifth and sixth generations

5.1 Stephen Himfi’s descendants

5.2. The sons of Benedict II of Döbrönte

Part II

1. Familiaritas and the Himfi

1.2. The Himfi as familiares

1.3. The Himfi as patrons

An agreement between Peter Himfi and his famulus (1360)

The letter of Benedict Himfi, count of Pozsony

2. Noblewomen and the filial quarter

2.1. The filial quarter

2.2. Margaret Himfi

2.3. Widows

Envisioning widowhood

3. The solidarity of the kindred

3.1. The Himfi between “kindred” and “parentela”

3.2. Consanguinity, affinity, and spiritual kinship Proximitas and proximi

4. Litigations: The Himfi in courts

4.1. Litigation for landed properties: The case of Voya

4.2. The case of Stephen Himfi vs. Gherteniş

4.3. Litigations within the kindred

4.4. The division of Nicholas I’s wealth

4.5. Settlement of disputes: Arbitration

5. The noble economy: sources of income estates

5.1 Ordinary revenues from estates

5.2. Extraordinary revenues

5.3. The household of the ispán of Timiş reflected in the register of Master Nicholas

6. Nobility and literacy



List of abbreviations


Appendix 1. The accounts of Master Nicholas (MayJune 1372)

Appendix 2. The genealogical table of Himfi family

Appendix 3. Representations of Himfi coat of arms


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