Marko Balabanov (Series Duty and honor)
Марко Балабанов (поредица „Дълг и чест“)
Category: Bulgarian National Revival

Language: Bulgarian


   The book explores the personality of Marko Balabanov  a prominent man of law, politician, diplomat and public figure, Bulgaria’s first foreign minister. He was born in 1837 in the town of Klissoura. With the financial support of some affluent Bulgarian merchants, he graduated law at the Sorbonne in 1863. After Paris, he continued at Heidelberg where he studied German and philosophy. Upon his return in 1871, Marko Balabanov was elected representative and secretary to the Bulgarian Church Council convened in Constantinople which drafted the statutes of the Bulgarian Exarchate...

Table of contents

Каменната Клисура и мраморният Константинопол

От Сорбоната до "Читалище"

С Гешовия род и с "Век"

Дипломатическата мисия в Европа

От век към век



Publisher Zahari Stoyanov Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 260
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-09-1673-6
Creation date 2022
Size 14 х 21 cm

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