The personal life of Elizabeth I
Category: Early Modern History
Личният живот на Елизабет I
Language: Bulgarian


   Queen Elizabeth I  perhaps the greatest ruler in the history of the British monarchy, is still an inspiration and pride to the people of the island. She is called Gloriana, the Virgin Queen and the Good Bess because she ascended the throne after a series of political and religious struggles. The Reformation, started by her father Henry VIII, caused a deep division in English society, and the short reign of Edward VI and the subsequent terror of "Bloody" Mary only deepened it. That is why it is Elizabeth who has to overcome all differences and reign long-awaited stability in the country.
   The young queen demonstrates qualities and a strong character, but pays for it with the price of her personal life. The need for a balanced government is a pretext for skillfully maneuvering among numerous noble marriage proposals, including from the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. With the consolidated nation behind her, the queen was able to pursue a victorious foreign policy, culminating in the triumph over the Spanish "Invincible Armada." In addition, during the "Elizabethan Age", as historians call her 44-year rule, the country experienced an economic and cultural boom. The Renaissance theater, literature and art flourished, the colonization of the New World began, and through the established East India Company untold wealth flowed to the kingdom, with the help of which Great Britain unleashed its full power.
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