Christianity, Islam and Eastern Religions: Normative Text and Sociocultural Context. Collected Papers
Language: Bulgarian


Table of contents

S. Evstatiev. Preface: On the Study of Normative Religions and Their Social Context

І. Christianity and Culture

G. Kapriev. Philosophy and Theology: The Byzantine Connection

S. Ribolov. The Concept of Divine Inspiration in the Orthodox Church

C. Hadzhiev. Christianizing the Prophets: Canonical Context and Theological Reinterpretation of Old Testament Prophetic Texts

V. Gradev. Public Ethics and the Spirit of the Monastic Community

ІІ. Islam and Sociocultural Context

P. Pavlovitch. The Problem of the Punishment of Adulterers and the Hierarchy of the Canonical Texts in Islam

N. Lambev. Mixed Cults and Shrines in the Lands Oversea

S. Evstatiev. Islam and Social Context: Orthodoxy, Piety and Vice in Damascus and Arabia during the Eighteenth Century

I. Dyulgerov. On the Semasiology of the Death Penalty in the Qur’an

Y. Peev. Some Observations on the Contemporary Interpretations and Exploitations of Jihad

G. Evstatieva. Islam and Arabic Musical Art: Contemporary Aspects of the Tension between Religious Norm and Cultural Fact

T. Todorov. The Culture of the Visual Paradigms and the Images of Islam

ІІІ. Text and Context in Eastern Religions

A. Fedotoff. On the Buddhist Literature and the Buddhist Schools in Tibet

G. Sokolova. How Text Changes Context: On the Reception of the Early Accounts on the Religious Beliefs of the Hindus

M. Bratoeva. Repeated Death–Reincarnation–Karma: On the Genesis of the Indian Doctrine of Karma

ІV. Political-Philosophical Debates and Historical Perspectives to the Bulgarian Case

P. Makariev. Inter-Religious Dialogue and Worldview Pluralism in Contemporary Democratic Societies

T. Stepanov. The Ancient Bulgarian Religion  Approaches and Problems

D. Kalkandjieva. The Role of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for the Formation and Preservation of the Bulgarian Nation: From Idelogy to History

V. Research Debuts

I. Atanasov. Trinitarian Disputes and the Popular Christianity during the Fourth Century

E. Georgiev. Medieval Orthodox Mysticism and the Christian Normative Text

A. Shinikov. The Islamic Normative Text in the Debates among Sunni Madhhabs in Late Abbasid  Baghdad

R. Kukushev. The Muslim Communities in Great Britain: Between Identity and the Alternative Ways of Participation in the Public Sphere

Z. Grekova. Islam and Politics in Indonesia under Suharto’s Rule

M. Davidova. Cult Aspects of the Female Dance Ceremonies Zar in Egypt and Guedra in Morocco

S. Ilchevski. Normative Religious Text and Cultural Context in the Central Rhodopes

L. Atanasovski. Eroticism and Esotericism: Sexual Magic in Modern Western Culture

Note on Contributors (In English)


Християнство, ислям и източни религии: нормативен текст и социокултурен контекст

Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 424
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-321-962-9
Creation date 2012
Size 14 х 22 cm

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