Raia Zaimova (ed.). Café Europe: Collected papers
Language: Bulgarian


     The cafe was never only a place of coffee consumption: it was also a bistro, a tavern, a restaurant where more or less famous personalities met, a convivial place made of words, flavors, perfumes. It still exists now in all latitudes, it is also part of the Internet. The articles of the collection "Cafе Europe" encompass different scholarly areas such as cultural and social history, literature, musicology and art studies. This interdisciplinary approach allowed for interesting conclusions about contacts between the East and West, the traditional and the modern, searching of points of convergence and divergence in the conceptual and ideological levels of the multi-faceted Europe.

Кафене „Европа”

Publisher Damyan Yakov
Language Bulgarian
Pages 232
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-527-373-9
Creation date 2007
Size 18 х 20 cm

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