Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research 1/2019
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

Antiquity and Middle Ages

I. Iliev. Bronze arrowheads of the Thracian age from the fund of the Historical Musem  Dalgopol

M. Hristov. Roman belt fittings from “Shishmanovo kale”near the town of Samokov

V. Miteva. Professional associations (collegia) in Moesia Inferior: Evidence of their religious activity

G. Todorov. The outer city of Pliska in the 11th century

Renaissance, Early Modern and Modern History

V. Goranchev. The ambassadorial prikaz and its role in managing the visits of the Orthodox East’s representatives in Russia during the 17th century

O. Aliyev. Selected sources for the history of Vetovo and its surroundings

D. Georgiev. The role of the Bulgarian Orthodox church in the life of the inhabitants of Provadia between the two world wars

T. Simeonova. International relations, the Balkans and the Bulgarian-Yugoslav pact  24.01.1937 (Part 2)

H. Milkov. De Gaulle: The last great man in the History (the 120th anniversary of the General)


Y. Tachev. Metric parameters and denominations of Serdica’s provincial coins

Y. Tachev. New types and variants of Serdica’s provincial coins

N. Mitev. Denarius of Lucius Verus (161169) from the region of Provadia

M. Klasnakov, V. Varbanov. Coin hoard from village of Dabovitsa (former Shenovo), Burgas district

L. Vasilev. Bronze follis of Roman usurper from Carthage  Domitius Alexander from Plovdiv

Bronze numus of the Vandal kingdom in North Africa from the region of Burgas

R. Ivanov. Ottoman coins from Plovdiv (14th15th century)

K. Dimov. Three groschens of Sigismund III Vasa (15871632) strucked in the mint of Riga

Журнал за исторически и археологически изследвания 1/2019

Publisher "Konstantin Preslavsky" University Press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 224
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1314-748X
Creation date 2019
Size 16 x 24 cm

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