Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research 12/2016
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

Antiquity and Middle Ages

H. Kouzov, M. Hristov. Studies on the North Fortress Wall and Masonry Plumbing of Late Antique Odessos

N. Rusev. Castellum Aque and its Tower on the Late Antique Stronghold Wall of Odessos: Pottery

R. Ivanov, R. Ivanov. Pottery of the Seljuk Sultanate from Bulgaria

N. Kanev. Some Notes on the Correct Denomination and Titling of Vladislav Varnenchik

Renaissance, New and Modern History

M. Andreeva. On the Pedagogical Views and Activities of Panaiot Volov

D. Georgiev. Dead Officers and Soldiers from Town of Provadia during the World War I (19151918)

R. Angelova. The Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Bulgaria under the Chairmanship of Hristo Marchev (19211923)

S. Kulish. The Soviet Union from the End of the 1970s to the Beginning of the 1990s. Formation of the CIS: Some Notes

Interdisciplinary Studies

S. Stoyanov. To the Joint Work of Logistics, Geodesy and Archeology

Numismatics and Sphragistics

V. Bekov. Roman Provincial Coins of Odessos from the Collection of Aleksandar Rusev (1st century BC  3rd century AD)

Y. Tachev. The Coinage of Anchialos: Counterfeits

S. Antonov. Some Suggestions about the Seals of David Komnenos from Bulgaria

Журнал за исторически и археологически изследвания 1–2/2016

Publisher "Konstantin Preslavsky" University Press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 216
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 1314-748X
Creation date 2016
Size 16 x 24 cm

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