Poppetrov, Nikolay. History: The Other Perspective. Collected papers
Историята. Другият поглед. Текстове от различни години
Category: Contemporary Bulgarian history
Language: Bulgarian


   We are used to finding stories in the past that confirm our ideas, hopes and fears. We often wonder how possible it is to build an adequate picture of the past? Is the story really a tapestry in which everyone stares at their little piece, as Thornton Wilder claims.
   A historiography is valuable when it discovers the nuances, sees the context, acknowledges the differences, even if it does not approve of them. Her gaze must reach beyond stereotypes and heroic legends. In the past, there are not only glamorous victories and humiliating defeats. In his routine, the historian encounters prejudices and propaganda clichés. Reaching their essence raises many questions. Some of them have left traces in the texts collected in this book:
 Is another view of the wars of 19121913 and 19151918 possible?
 Who is the "other" for our predecessors from the years between the two world wars?
 What kind of Bulgaria do the old and young authoritarians imagine?
 Why do we "fly" over the topics of the regime of 19341944? Why didn't the fascists come?
 With what optics should the history of left and right totalitarianisms be observed?
 Who composes and to whom does the secret story from the communist era refer?
 What are the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary Bulgarian historiography?


Publisher Gutenberg
Language Bulgarian
Pages 736
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-176-201-9
Creation date 2022
Size 20 х 28 cm

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