History of the SS 19191945
История на СС 1919—1945
Category: World War II
Language: Bulgarian

   No one invented the SS ("Schutzstaffel" or "Protection Squadron"), but the idea was born in post-war Munich. Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler were obsessed with the idea of preventing internal betrayal. The SS was supposed to be an elite corps of politically motivated soldiers to protect the Führer and the party from all possible enemies. In the various stages of its development, the organization changes. The study traces the creation, strengthening and disintegration of the SS in different directions. Based on archives and witness statements, the complex internal structure of the SS is revealed, its role in street violence and the imposition of terror, the creation of "death squads" in occupied parts of Europe and Russia, the management of concentration camps and the SS-Waffen military campaigns.


Table of contents


Предистория. Дивите банди, 19191924 г.

Ранните години, 19251929 г.

Формиращите години, 19301932 г.

Ерата на възможностите, 1933 г.

Предателството. Зимата на 1933 г.  30 юни 1934 г.

Години на растеж, 19341939 г.

Години на трагично задоволство, 19391945 г.

Зад маската на притежанието



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