Hitler Was My Friend: The Memoirs of Hitler's Photographer
Original title: Хитлер, какъвто го видях
Language: Bulgarian


   Heinrich Hoffmann (18851957) was a key part in the making of the Hitler legend, the photographer who carefully crafted the image of the Fuehrer as a godlike figure. Hoffmann published his first book of photographs in 1919, following his work as an official photographer for the German army. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, and his association with Hitler began.

   He became Hitler's official photographer and traveled with him extensively. He took over two million photographs of Hitler, and they were distributed widely, including on postage stamps, an enterprise that proved very profitable for both men. Hoffmann published several books on Hitler in the 1930s, including The Hitler Nobody Knows (1933). Hoffmann and Hitler were very close, and he acted not only as a personal confidante his memoirs include rare details of the Fuehrer - but also as a matchmaker it is Hoffmann who introduced Eva Braun, his studio assistant, to Hitler.

   At the end of the war, Hoffmann was arrested by the US military, who also seized his photographic archive, and was sentenced to imprisonment for Nazi profiteering.


Table of contents


1. Моят фотоапарат и кайзерът

2. Спешно се търси снимка на Хитлер

3. Снимането забранено

4. Нашите дипломатически пътувания

5. С Хитлер в Полша

6. Хитлер: религия и предразсъдъци

7. Жените и Хитлер

8. Хитлер и изкуството

9. С Хитлер у дома

10. Щабквартирата на Хитлер - и моята

11. Краят и за двама ни



Publisher Prozorets
Language Bulgarian
Pages 262
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-243-115-0
Creation date 2021
Size 14 х 21 cm

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