Vukov, N., S. Kazalarska (eds.). Heroic Art and Socialist Realism: Monuments, Memory and Representations of the Socialist Past after 1989
Category: Ethnology of Socialism and Post-socialism
Language: English


    Focused on the complex and intriguing topic of the monumental heritage of the socialist period in Eastern Europe, the book addresses a wide range of issues related to heroes, monuments, and memory before and after 1989. Its twelve studies touch upon different aspects of monuments and heroic art from the socialist period in Eastern Europe - the ideological and artistic policies that have caused their appearance, the impact that they laid upon public space and everyday life, and the changing approaches of their remembrance after 1989.
   Published as a result of the international project "Heroes We Love. Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in New Europe" (with support from "Creative Europe" Program of the European Commission), the book presents the research of scholars and art practitioners working on topics related to socialism and post-socialism in Eastern Europe. With its broad scope, examples from several countries, and in-depth analyses of memory processes after 1989, the book will no doubt draw the attention of all readers interested in the conflicting interpretations of the socialist era heritage.
Table of contents


N. Vukov. Sacred Chronologies and Lines of Continuities with Preceding Epochs in the Monuments after 1944 in Bulgaria

T. Oroz, N. Alempijević. Heroic Topographies. Hero-making and Place-making in Hrvatsko Zagorje  

N. Lipovec, K. Virloget. Between “Brotherhood among Nations” and Nationalism   

Y. Yancheva. The Image of the “Heroic Youth” in Bulgarian Leftist Poetry of the 1930s and 1940s and in the Art of Socialist Realism in the First Decade after 1944  

R. Olson. Postcard Heroism: Tourism Advertising or Communist Propaganda?

B. Klabjan. Beyond Post-Socialist Memory. Politics of the Past in Slovenia from the Cold War to the Present 

A. Luleva. Heroes and Monuments. Local Projections of the National Memory in Bulgaria

V. Voskresenski. Memory and Representations of the Political Repressions in Bulgaria: The Cult of Catholic “New Martyrs” after 1989 

M. Bickert. Cultural Landscapes and Identity in Albania  “Albanianism” between Socialist Monuments and Re-sanctification 

V. Gueorguieva. Buzludzha between Controversy and Canonisation 

A. Vasileva, E. Kaleva. Live or Let Die: Post-Socialist Public Space in The Context of Its Socialist Monuments

S. Kazalarska. “Wrestling with Context”: Curatorial Dilemmas of Exhibiting the Art of Eastern Europe after 1989 



Publisher Cultural Arcs Foundation
Language English
Pages 300
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7420-03-6
Creation date 2022
Size 16 х 24 cm

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