Greco-Persian Wars (History of Wars 4)
Language: Bulgarian


     Greco-Persian wars undoubtedly have a major impact on ancient European history. From regional power, Persia becomes one of the largest territorial empires in antiquity. What are the reasons for this unprecedented upturn and what led to the war with the Greek poleis? How is the myth of Thermopiles born? Why does Spartan king Leonidas I remain on the battlefield, though it is obvious suicide? Why does Darius the Great not lead the Persians at Marathon? How does the outcome of the Battle of Marathon and Salamin help to save the Europe's cultural heritage?..


Table of contents


Възходът на Персия

Гръцкият ребус

Йонийското въстание

Гръцката и персийската армия

Първата вълна. Маратон

Походът на Ксеркс. Термопилите и Артемизиум

Изгарянето на Атина. Битката при Саламин

Гръцкото възмездие. Платея и Микале



Гръко-персийските войни. История на войните

Publisher Millenium
Language Bulgarian
Pages 176
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-515-298-6
Creation date 2015
Size 16 х 24 cm

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