Fine pottery between the Haemus, the Rhodope and the Pontus Euxinus (7th1st century BC): Characteristics, distribution and utilization. Author: Anelia Bozhkova. Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


Table of contents



Previous investigations

Single finds, pottery complexes and collections


Chapter one. Pottery groups and pottery styles

Wheel-made pottery with geometric decoration from the Late Geometric and Archaic periods

Pottery from South-Western Thrace

Pottery from South-Eastern Thrace

Imported archaic pottery with painted decoration in Thrace

“East-Greek pottery”

Corinthian archaic pottery

Corinthian conventionalizing pottery

Black-figure and red-figure pottery

Black-glazed pottery

Monochrome pottery

Plain pottery

Pottery with West Slope decoration

Other Late Hellenistic pottery groups

Chapter two. The distribution and utilization of fine pottery in the lands between the Haemus and the Rhodope and the Pontus Euxinus. Chronological and cultural aspects

Fine pottery in the Late Geometric and Archaic periods

Fine pottery in the Classical Period

Geographical distribution, concentration of the finds and roads of penetration

Pottery complexes

Production and trade

The Thracian consumers

The tableware set

Goods and markets

Fine pottery in the Hellenistic Period


Summary in English

Color plates

A list of the main pottery complexes found in the lands between the Haemus and Rhodope Mountains and the Pontus Euxinus

Chronological tables


Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 238
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-00-0693-0
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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