Bulgaria 1900: European influences in Bulgarian urban planning, architecture, parks and gardens (18781918)
България 1900. Европейски влияния в българското градоустройство, архитектура, паркове и градини (18781918)
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English and French


     The present study is a structural analysis of the first examples of town planning and architecture in Bulgaria during the period 1878—1918. During these forty years of state formation the artistic life in the country was a kind of workshop that synthesized the aesthetic concepts of the whole of the 19th century. It was in this environment that the foundations of modern settlement structure patterns and Bulgarian architecture were laid. They were the results of the work of over 210 specialists from 14 countries in Europe and over 160 Bulgarian specialists who had graduated from the higher schools on the continents. This phenomenon, which is also a significant fact in the history of European architecture, is the subject of the present study.


Table of contents

Т. Кръстев. Представяне на книгата

Европейски влияния


Общоевропейски контекст

България на границата на века


Опорни точки

По пътя към градското планиране

Градоустройствена практика

Градоустройствен модел


Народна архитектура

Академична архитектура




Национален романтизъм




Сецесион/Арт Нуово/Модерн

Паркове и градини


Резюме на английски език

Резюме на френски език


Publisher Arch & Art
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English and French
Pages 264
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-893-124-9
Creation date 2002
Size 23 х 23 cm

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