Lavrentiy's Miscellany: Tsar Ivan Alexandăr's Miscellany of 1348. Phototype Edition


Table of contents

Introductory words

1. Europe in 1348 AD

2. …and Bulgaria ca. 1348 AD

3. Scriptor Lavrentiy and His Miscellany of 1348

4. Some Mistakes in Kuev’s Edition

5. Table of Correlation between Manuscript F.I.376 and Kuev’s Edition

6. Titles, Incipits & Explicits

7. Codicological and Paleographical Features

Phototype Edition

Marginal Notes on ff. IIIv

I. The Life of St. John the Merciful by Leontis of Neapolis

II. Spirital Meadow (Pratum spirituale) by John Moschus (13 Chapters)

III. On the Eight Spirits of Wickedness by St.Nilus of Sinai

IV. Exposition of the Ortodox Faith (Expositio verae fidei Constantino Cyrillo adscripta)

V. On the Letters by Chernorizets Hrabăr

VI. Questions and Responses to Duke Antiochus (Quaestiones ad Antiochum ducem) by Pseudo-Athanasius of Alexandria

VII. Ecclesiastical Doctrine of the Holy Faith (Doctrina ecclesiastica de sacta fide)

VIII. Questions and Responses by St. Anastasis of Sinai (Anastasii Sinaitae Quaestiones et responsiones de variis argumentis)

IX. Eccliesiastical History and Mystical Contempation (Historia ecclesiastica et mystica contemplatio) Attributed to Patriarch Germanus I of Constantinopole

X. On the Sixth Psalm (De plsalmo sexto) Attributed to John Chrysostom

XI. History of the Seven Ecumenical Councils (Historia de septem conciliis oecumenicis)

XII. Questions and Responses by Anonymous Author

XIII. Interpretation of The Vision of King Joas

XIV. Interpretation of The Inscription on Solomon's Chalice

XV. Exegesis of the Gospel

XVI. Memorandum of Scriptor Lavrentiy

Marginal Notes on ff. 214216



Лаврентиев сборник. Фототипно издание.

Publisher Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre
Language English, Old Bulgarian
Pages 512
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9787-27-6
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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