Alexander Fol. Epaminondas. Second edition
Category: History of Ancien Greece
Language: Bulgarian


   Epaminondas (419/411362 BC) was a Greek general of Thebes and statesman of the 4th century BC who transformed the Ancient Greek city-state, leading it out of Spartan subjugation into a pre-eminent position in Greek politics called the Theban Hegemony. In the process, he broke Spartan military power with his victory at Leuctra and liberated the Messenian helots, a group of Peloponnesian Greeks who had been enslaved under Spartan rule for some 230 years after being defeated in the Messenian War ending in 600 BC. Epaminondas reshaped the political map of Greece, fragmented old alliances, created new ones, and supervised the construction of entire cities. He was also militarily influential and invented and implemented several major battlefield tactics.
Table of contents

Един кинжал под наметалово

Една битка — едно начало

Гражданинът става войник

Дългът да бъдеш пръв

Мантинея или безсмъртието

Publisher Gutenberg
Language Bulgarian
Pages 110
Illustrations -
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-176-223-1
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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