Enuma Elish: А Babylonian poem of Creation
Енума елиш. Вавилонската поема на Сътворението
Language: Bulgarian. Category: Mesopotamia


    The edition presents the Bulgarian translation of Enuma Elish (also known as The Seven Tablets of Creation a Mesopotamian creation myth whose title is derived from the opening lines of the poem (When on High). This myth tells of the creation of the world, and of Marduk's triumph over Tiamat, and how it relates to him becoming king of the gods. Enuma Elish is one of the most important sources for understanding the Babylonian worldview, centered on the supremacy of Marduk and the creation of humankind for the service of the gods.


Table of contents

Уводни думи

Първа плочка

Втора плочка

Трета плочка

Четвърта плочка

Пета плочка

Шеста плочка

Седма плочка



     The translation is based on the following editions: 1) Lambert, W. G., “Babylonian Creation Myths”, Winona Lake, Eisenbrauns, 2013; 2) Elli, Alberto, “Enūma Eliš. Il mito babilonese della Creazione” (Digital Magazine di Egittologia.net / Mediterraneoantico.it, 2016).


Publisher Gutenberg
Language Bulgarian
Pages 100
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-176-165-4
Creation date 2020
Size 16 x 24 cm

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