Jum’ah Mosque and Imaret Mosque in Plovdiv: History, Peculiarities and Present State 
Language: English
     The book presents the three preserved mosques in Plovdiv  Dzhumaya Mosque, Imaret Mosque and Tashkopryu Mosque. The Dzhumaya Mosque and Imaret Mosque are remarkable examples of the early Ottoman cult architecture and they are the most representative monuments of the Ottoman cultural and historical heritage in the city. They are the first mosques and the first Ottoman buildings built after the fall of the city under Ottoman rule (end of 14th century). The Tashkopryu Mosque, which is located near the stone bridge of the Maritsa River, where its name comes, was built between 18291830.
Table of contents


Първа глава. Джумая джамия

Втора глава. Имарет джамия




Джумая джамия и Имарет джамия в Пловдив

Publisher Grand Mufti's Office of the Muslim Denomination in Republic of Bulgaria
Language English
Pages 92
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7406-08-5
Creation date 2018
Size 24 x 16 cm

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