Ivan Granitski. The Soul of the Image
Иван Гранитски. Душата на образа
Language: Bulgarian
Category: Art Studies


   Artworks create images that have a soul of their own. Artists feel both the human and the natural soul and strive to unravel its ever elusive essence, dreaming to depict it through verbal or plastic metaphors, symbols, allegories, allusions, behind which often archetypal messages peek. The images that artists create do not only have a plastic expression. They portray human feelings, passions, contemplations and dynamics. They are therefore mainly attracted by the dimensions of humanized nature, the fiery living force that animates matter. Artists are always searching for the soul of the image and dream of making sense of its ability to take on a variety of forms.


Publisher Zahari Stoyanov
Language Bulgarian
Pages 592
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-09-1827-3
Creation date 2024
Size 22 х 26 cm

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