Digital and Analytical Approaches to the Written Heritage: Proceedings of the conference El'Manuscript 2018, 7th International Conference on Textual Heritage and Information Technologies, Vienna and Krems, Austria, 1418, 2018
Language: English, Russian


Table of contents


V. Baranov, R. Gnutikov. The statistic and n-gram module of the historical corpus “Manuscript”

F. Cusimano. A “cloud” full of digitized manuscripts. The Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, from the custos catalogi to the data curator

K. Enami, Y. Okada et al. New aspect of codicology: Scientific analysis of paper of historically important documents and books of the Ancient to Premodern eras

P. Engel. Conservation of written heritage. 0.1: Prospects, chances and work to be done

D. Gogashvili. Codicological and paleographical aspects in conservation (Based on data from the Tsaishi Gospel)

E. Göransson. The identification, definition and typology of Manuscript Lacunae

M. Lazar, M. Hoffert. Paradigmatic n-gram approach in studying linguistic standardization        

V. Knoll. GORAZD: An Old Church Slavonic digital hub

A. Lavrentiev, M. Debrenne et al. Digital editions and corpora of francophone diaries by Alexandre Chicherin and Olga Orlova-Davydova

L. Mazur, O. Gorbachev. Approaches to electronic processing of archival mass sources: Reformatting or creating digital resources

H. Miklas. Experiences in the analysis of manuscripts CIMA

Y. Miltenov. The five Ws of the Old Church Slavonic Codex Zographensis: Recent studies, future tasks

M. Novak. Linguistic analytical comments made in the historical corpus “Manuscript” (On the Apostolos collection)

И. Починская, А. Палкин. Цифровой исследоватейлский комплекс рукописных и старопечатных книг

A. Ptentsova. On part-of-speech attribution and grammatical tagging of Old Russian криво (krivo) and право (pravo)

C. Römer. Recovering a 16th-century Ottoman document damaged by spilled ink

A. Stasinou, P. Banou. Conservation treatment of manuscripts and codicology: Questions and considerations

A.-M. Totomanova. OCS Biblical language in the era of the new technologies

J. Tomažič. Analysis of binding structure and paper in Valvasor's Glory

A. Žejn. Orthographic variant or scribal error? The case of a late eighteenth century Slovenian Poljane Manuscript


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Language English, Russian
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