Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Awareness: Essays in Honor of Madeleine Danova
Western European Literature
Language: Bulgarian


   The present collection of scholarly research explores cross-disciplinarity and intercultural awareness and understanding across various disciplines, honoring Professor Madeleine Danova's academic legacy. It comprises diverse essays coming from fields such as American, Canadian, African, and English Studies, mass media, intercultural communication and education, comparative literature, and the social and political sciences. Contributors delve into multicultural, historical, and cultural contexts, politics, philosophy, and textuality, as well as literary translation and cultural transfer, linguistics, and digital literacy and pedagogy. The two parts of the volume also highlight socio-economic Imbalances, legislative systems, and the role of women in academia. Concluding with an excerpt from the English translation of the Bulgarian novel The Migration, tjiis volume aims to foster interdisciplinary discussions inspiring ongoing dialogues on Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research.


Table of contents

Introduction: Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Horizons. Vesselin M. Budakov


American Studies 

1941: The Word “Multicultural”. Werner Sollors

Leadership, Rhetoric, Media and Entertainment in US Politics. Philip John Davies

Рефлексии върху масовата пропаганда в българските и американските кинопрегледи по време на Студената война. Светлана Стойчева

You Are with Whom You (Do Not) Eat: Eating and Monster-Making in a Late Nineteenth-Century Gothic Text. Ludmilla Kostova

Едновременно тук и там: темата за „преведените хора“ в романа на Джумпа Лахири ИметоМилена Братоева

Final Days on Death Row in Of Love and Dust by Ernest J. Gaines. Louis Mendy

Living in the Grey Zone: War and the Crossing of Borders in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5 and Andrey Kurkov’s Grey Bees. Galina Avramova

Canadian Studies 

Canadian Multiculturalism Revisited. Diana Yankova

Border Crossings in Canadian Immigrant Literature: The Short Stories of Tamas Dobozy. János Kenyeres

Elusive and Haunting Memories: Childhood Stories as Tools for Establishing Native Identity. Katalin Kürtösi

The Tuning of Generational Identity in Alistair Macleod’s “The Tuning of Perfection” (1984). Alexander Kostov

African Studies

Ислямската периферия в Западна Африка и Ибн Баттута (1304–1368). Симеон Евстатиев

Изграждането на понятието „негритюд“ в творчеството на Леополд Седар Сенгор. Рени Йотова

Reza de Wet: Where Have All the Women Gone? Kornelia Tancheva

Vulnerable Youth: The Novel of Formation in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Vesselin M. Budakov

Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, and Textuality

Transcending Boundaries: Literature, Geocriticism, and Future Perspectives. Adina Ciugureanu

Как ще изглежда литературният канон на бъдещето: въпросът за политическата коректност. Амелия Личева

Дигиталната хуманитаристика и литературните изследвания: споделени пространства. Ренета Божанкова

Хипотези и мрежи в сравнителното литературознание. Румяна Л. Станчева

From Revolution to Revolt: Borders of (In)Humanization in Kristeva’s Theory. Miglena Nikolchina

Thresholds and Windows: Crossing at the Point of Paratext. Angel Igov

Контекстуални прочити: една антология на американска литература в превод през 1969 г. Милена Кацарска

Literature and Semiotics 

Semioethical Questions in Literary Modernism: Stephen Dedalus and the Issue of History and Identity in the “Proteus” Episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Kiril Hadzhikosev

Еволюцията и взаимодействието на знаковите системите в семиосферата (за градината на вечната пролет и граматиката на бала). Милена Попова

Cultural Translatability and Comparative Literary Studies Border-Crossings: A ‘Bulgarian’ Case of Self-Translation. Alexandra Glavanakova

Translating Transgression: Transferring Garth Greenwell’s “Bulgarian” Novel into Bulgarian. Traci Speed

“Why India?” The Role and Place of India in Rakovski’s Views on the Bulgarian Struggle for Independence. Nikolay Yankov

Ганьо Балкански и сладострастните старци. Димитър Камбуров

Дневникът и диалогът без граници – литературна рецепция на Текуща сметка на Вержилио Ферейра в писателски дневници в Португалия. Яна Андреева

Опитомяването на пантерата (тайни идентичности / гибелни идентичности в романа Les échelles du Levant на Амин Маалуф. Магдалена Костова-Панайотова

Pascal Quignard’s Little Treatises: An Aggiornamento of Ancient Literary Genres. Irena Kristeva


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian
Pages 720
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-075861-9
Creation date 2024
Size 14 х 21 cm

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