In memoriam prof. Zhivka Vazharova (19161991)


Table of contents /summaries/ 

L. Doncheva-Petkova. Zhivka Vazharova. Selected bibliography

R. Koleva. About the lower chronological limit of the pottery made on potters handwheel on the territory of present-day Bulgaria

K. Klisuranov. Comparative characteristics of the cremation graves of the necropoles of the First Bulgarian Kingdom and the cremation graves of the necropoles of the Upper Dniester-Dnieper river region of the Cherniahovo culture

H. Popov. Houses from the Early Medieval settlement at the village of Kapitan Andreevo

G. Grozdanova. Pottery from the Early Medieval site at Kapitan Andreevo, Svilengrad municipality (preliminary report)

M. Hristova. Clay vessels from the biritual necropolis in Balchik

R. Rashev. Popina-Gradishteto (Kaleto)  A Late Roman/Late Byzantine fortress and an Early Mediaeval earthen fortification

Y. Dimitrov, H. Stoyanova. Newly found Early Mediaeval settlement and pagan necropolis in the village of Velino, Shumen region

V. Grigorov. Old Bulgarian pagan burials with coins

T. Chobanov. The role of the dog in the Protobulgarian pagan rituals

P. Georgiev. The myth about the Slavic origin of Pliska

K. Konstantinov. About some peculiarities of the interior structure of the houses in Pliska

G. Ilieva. A Christian drawing on the foundations of a pagan temple in Pliska

S. Ivanov. New drawings-graffiti from Pliska

K. Stoeva. New finds of white clay glazed ware from Veliki Preslav

S. Doncheva. Two-sided bronze icon with Christ Pantocrator and the Virgin Kiriotisa from the Preslav region

S. Bonev. “Pecheneg” type of amulet  found for the first time in Preslav

E. Evtimova. On the problem of the Preslav funerary practice

D. Gergova, J. Atanasov. The Early Bulgarian Medieval Age in Sboryanovo. Medieval estate in the “City of trust” locality

M. Inkova. Christian burial from Novi Iskar, Sofia region dated back to the First Bulgarian Kingdom

R. Moreva. Red slipped ware from Plovdiv and its region

M. Balbolova-Ivanova. Contributions to the study of the 11th12th century pottery in Southeastern Bulgaria (Based on materials from the “Kaleto” Early Byzantine and Mediaeval fortress in the town of Sredets, Burgas region)

B. Borisov, G. Sheileva. The Mediaeval site at the village of Krum, Dimitrovgrad region (preliminary report)

N. Gizdova. The necropolis of the Tsepina fortress

S. Yordanov. About fortified exterior water supplying corridors during the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (the 11th14th century)

I. Petrinski, I. Chokoev. On the use of a special type of vessels from Sozopol

Z. Korkutova. Constructional specific features of Mediaeval churches in the Kyustendil region (the 11th14th century)

B. Petrunova. The flint in the Mediaeval funerary ritual

N. Markov. A Medieval silver cup from the collection of the National Museum of History

V. Nesheva. Christian necropolis in Chepelare

V. Gerassimova. Magic images on grave stones from the Middle Struma valley

Приноси към българската археология  5/2009

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 350
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8761-84-0
Creation date 2009
Size 16 x 24 cm

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