Karl Marx and after him…
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   The XXI century confronts humanity with an ideological and political dilemma: "end of history" (according to Fukuyama or to accept that capitalism is a final given) or "end of prehistory" (according to Marx or to expect that humanity will make a "leap" from the "kingdom of necessity" to the "kingdom of freedom"). The author offers a threefold answer to this question: through an analysis of the logical structure of Marx's theory; historical analysis, reproducing the complex and contradictory structure of the teaching created by Karl Marx; by taking stock of the scholarly discussions that have taken place 50, 100 and 150 years after the publication of the first volume of Capital. The perspective confronts us with the need for a dialectical "taking away" (aufheben) of Marxism from a more general theory, a kind of "post-Marxism". The first step in this direction was made by A. Bogdànov through his "tectology" or universal organizational science. Today it is contained in the challenge of "Chinese Marxism". Each of the two case studies is given special attention.


Table of contents


Енигмата „Маркс“

Фридрих Енгелс на 200

Социализъм и демокрация. Карл Кауцки и Едуард Бернщайн

Роза Люксембург: „Червената Роза“

Битката за Ленин

Якобинската традиция от Френската революция до Ленин

Изкореняването на троцкизма и безсмъртието на революционера

Сталин. Сталинизъм

Александър Богдàнов (1873–1928): първият постмарксист?

Николай Иванович Бухарин – теоретик на Новата икономическа политика


Антонио Грамши и западният марксизъм

Херберт Маркузе и Новата левица

Китайският марксизъм

Край на историята или край на предисторията?


Publisher East–West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 352
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-01-1233-4
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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