Proceedings of the conference “Peregrinations of the Text: Reading, Translation, Rewriting”. Essays in Honour of Alexander Shurbanov


Table of contents

E. Pancheva. Peregrinations of the Mind


А. Личева. Шекспир според българските учебници по литература

B. Engler. Shakespearean Passages

B. Sokolova. Be-Witching Macbeth, or the Irresistible Peregrinations of the Weird Sisters on Film

В. Дечева. Хамлет и фигурата на интелектуалеца в мита на модерността: Хамлетмашината от Хайнер Мюлер в сценичната версия на Димитър Гочев

C. Dente. (In)Stability of Texts, Rules and Relationships in the Law and in the Theatre: The Comedy of Errors

G. Niagolov. Labours Lost or Labours Won? Teaching Shakespeare through Performance at Sofia University

J. Fabiszak. Stage Shakespeare Goes (on) Screen: Cinematic Framing of Grzegorz Jarzyna's 2007: Macbeth and Telegenic Rendering of Krzysztof Warlikowski's The Tempest

J. Halio. A Russian King Lear and Other Innovative Productions in Gdansk's Shakespeare Festival, 2011

J. Staykova. Early Modern Devotional Culture and Hamlet: the Alternative History of the Shakespearean Soliloquy

K. Stavreva. Un-Painting the Veneto Villa: Dometic Virtù and the Limits of Civic Subjectivity in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

M. Tempera. Romea, Giulietto and the South: Redefining Cultural Boundaries in Roberta Torre's Sud Side Stori

M. Hattaway. "A private man in Athens": Shakespeare's Timon and the Play's Afterlife

P. Pugliatti. "Such daily cast of brazen cannon": the Ghost of War in Hamlet  


А. Желева. Кризата на утопичния модел в пътешествията и приключенията на Жак Масе от Симон Тисо дьо Пато

A. Igov. A Day in the City (3 times): Ulysses, Mrs. Dalloway and Saturday

A. Manchorov. The Interaction of Oral and Written Discourse in Medieval Manuscript Culture

З. Христова. Докъде се простира човекът. Смърт и природа в поезията на Александър Шурбанов

Й. Костурков. Другият Йорик: някои функции на героя на Лорънс Стърн

К. Протохристова. От благите дъждове и топлия зефир до най-жестокия месец  за литературните тематизации на април

D. Roper. С.P. Snow: A Passionate Friendship Revisited

E. Pancheva. The Ecstasies of Redcrosse, the Stasis of Guyon

G. Avramova. Identity as a Pastiche in Timothy Findley's Pilgrim

L. Kostova. (Re-)Gaining Prophetic Authority through the Poetic Genius: William Blake and Eighteenth-Century Religious Enthusiasm

M. Dimitrova. Private Treaties: William Empson and the Case for the Self-Annotating Poet

Н. Аретов. Асен Христофоров и английската литература. Рискът от свръхинтерпретация

P. Petkov. Images of China in Fictitious Travelogues: John Mandeville and Mendes Pinto

P. Tsoneva. The Ground beneath Our Feet: Reworking the Myth of Flying in Salman Rushdie's Fiction

P. Karpuzov. God, Universe and the Great Chain of Being in Paradise Lost   

V. Budakov. Reversing Utopia in Joseph Hall's A Discovery of a New World (1609)

V. Zaevska. Grotesque Images and Picaresque Realism in Thomas Nashe's The Unfortunate Traveller

Z. Catalan. Beginning a World: Dickens's Titles

Translation and Reception

C. Stamenov. Two Approaches to Translation: Yovkov in English

Г. Каприев. Византийската философия: културно-контекстуални преводи и преноси

Д. Карапеткова. Ефектът Байрон и преводите на Кирил Христов

K. Slavova. The Bulgarian Peregrinations of an American Classic: A Streetcar Named Desire Running in Three Translations

M. Pipeva. Translating and Publishing for the 21st-century Child in Bulgaria: A Case Study

M. Gibinska. Zbigniew Herbert's Elusive Simplicity as a Challenge for Translators

М. Илиева. Реалията в превода на художествен текст  проблеми и стратегии

M. Katsarska. Functions of Prefaces to Bulgarian Translations of American Literature 1948-1998. The Case of Uncle Tom s Cabin

R. Iglikova. The (In)translatability of Wordplay and the Loss of Humorous Effect in the Bulgarian Translations of Terry Pratchett's Soul Music

T. Stoicheva. The First Peregrinations of Bulgarian Folklore across the Channel

V. Kostadinova. Persuasion in Bulgaria: Transplanting Romanticism

Y. Rowland. The Reception of Tennyson's "Enoch Arden" in Bulgaria

Z. Chervenkova. Approaches in Translation of Political Metaphors


Б. Парашкевов. За етимологичната дублетност в английския език

D. Cheshmedzhieva-Stoycheva. Readers' Response to Articles on Ethnic Minorities in the Bulgarian and the British Press

I. Perianova. I'd Rather You Didn't Use My Christian Name (The Multi-Dimensionality of Names)

М. Ковачева. Параметри на езиковата инвенция

R. Ishpekova. The Naughty Child(ren) Metaphor

R. Todorova. Incongruity in Advertising as Prerequisite for Conflict, Change or Adaptation of Schemas

V. Koynakova. The Expression of Epistemic Modality in English and Bulgarian

V. Phillipov. Prince N. S. Trubetzkoy's Stay in Sofia (1920-1922) as Reflected in His Letters to P. P. Suvchinsky (1921-1928)


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 488
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-3500-9
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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