Literature: Pleasures and Challenges. А jubilee collection in honor of Professor Milena Kirova
Bulgarian, English with short abstracts in English


Table of contents

Archaeology of the Biblical text

I. Stankov. A philological archaeology of Biblical masculinity

K. Staneva. The lofty beginning of the Biblical triptych

R. Boer. From feminine to masculine in Biblical texts: The contribution of Milena Kirova [in English]

Y. Pancheva. The guises of person’s gendered partitioning in Milena Kirova’s studies on gender in the Hebrew Bible

M. Almlech. Canonical female beauty and intellect in black

A. Toteva. The motif of the youngest brother in Old Testament texts

N. Afeyan. Delilah’s laugh

R. Chernokozheva. Dreams in the Bible: Avenues for a psychoanalytic or a psychodramatic interpretation

M. Dachev. The Mary Magdalene palimpsest

Anthropology facing new vistas

M. Moisseeff. Extraterrestial pregnance and nasal implants: A mythologization of biopower? [in English]

N. Papuchiev. Folklore for mass consumption: Tale and cultural background

M. Ilchevska. Fates and threads of destiny

All that gender!

M. Frateva. On the genesis of a concept

S. Gunew. Contemporary feminist criticism: Transnational/Translational questions [in English]

A. Gaydarzhieva. Why is the Bulgarian female writters cannon (not)random?

K. Mihaylov. The fate of the woman in manuscripts and early printed books

K. Daskalova. Reading and emancipation: The translated works of feminism in Bulgaria between the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century

N. Aleksandrova. Genevieve of Brabant writes a letter to the king: Submission and empowerment of women writers

V. Sholtse. The removal of the signature. Images of the woman in the journalistic works of Simeon Radev (19011912)

Z. Nazarska. “In the gentlemen’s club”: Women’s participation in the Union of Bulgarian Writters (19131940s)

L. Malinova. Ana Karima: On the Bulgarian woman in Bulgarian folk song and the work of certain writers

S. Angelova. The foreigner queen in Bulgarian historical prose: The queens of Tarnovo

K. Lukova. The Solveig women in Bulgarian literature (Observations on the creative work of Yordan

I. Konedareva. Images of the woman and the invention of the woman in Blaga Dimitrova’s novel Avalanche („Лавина“)

R. Muharska. The making of heroes”: Masculinity and the master narratives of Communism

K. Yordanova. Two faces of femininity in contemporary Bulgarian prose

I. Ivanova. Postmodern feminism in Diana Petrova’s novel Lilith („Лилит“)

D. Kamburov. Barbara Hannigan: A portrait of the artist as a nubile woman

Literary history: Amendments to the canon

N. Stoichkova. Milena Kirova’s literary history

S. Stoycheva. The Belle Époque of Bulgarian modernism (Thesis on the monograph of Milena Kirova Bulgarian Literature from the Liberation until World War I. Part 2)

R. Damyanova. In the confort of the Revival: Between “Oh, tomorrow…” and “Are we still able to…”

P. Stoicheva. Rakovski’s An innocent Bulgarian („Неповинний българин“) and the martyr life pattern (Structural comparisons)

N. Chernokozhev. Zhinzifov between Xenofon(t) and Rayko

S. Danova. Hristo Botev. The mythology around a majority (not)reached

N. Aretov. Translators and writers: An attempt at a typology

I. Ruskov. The blending of the sacred and the profane in the language of revolutionaries in 1876

T. Ichevska. Treatment and death in Bulgarian prose after the Liberation

B. Borisova. Lora Karavelova: The writer. The (self)discouragement of writing

M. Nedelchev. Strategies for the posthumous reaffirmation of Petko Slaveikov in the Thought Circle (кръга „Мисъл“)

K. Protohristova. “Symphony of hopelessness” in the context of European prometheism

K. Topalov. Academician Michail Arnaudov: A European scholar with great contributions withing his nation (140th anniversary of his birth)

N. Stoyanova. Marionettes and social masks

T. Rakyovski. By the river of symbolism. On Lyudmil Stoyanov’s poem Willows („Върби“)

V. Stefanov. The diabolic world

B. Penchev. The spatial turn

I. Peleva. Bulgarian literary history after 1989: Making it new (Notew on the Stefan Genchev case)

Literary criticism

A. Licheva. Cordelia and literary criticism

T. Fram. Can Bulgarian literature be successful on the German-language market

A. Vacheva. The migration person in the memories of Bulgarian expat writers: The reasons behind the escape

R. Stancheva. The fuga-novel: Variations in time and space

Avenues towards globalism: Literature and literary studies around the world

T. Stoycheva. “The power of writing, the force of representation”: English periodicals reviewing the book A residence in Bulgaria (1869) by Saint Clair-Brophy

G. Tihanov. Prologue: Regimes of relevance [in English]

M. Fadel. The other face of deconstruction: Religion and literature

L. Dimitrov. The non-appearing hero in drama (Based on examples from classical Russian, Bulgarian and Slovenian drama)

R. Evtimova. Vladimir Nabokov: The writer as himself and characters as his facets

D. Karapetkova. Elena Ferrante: From a literary mystery to a literary sensation

Bibliography of Prof. Milena Kirova’s works

Литературата: удоволствия и предизвикателства. Юбилеен сборник в чест на професор дфн Милена Кирова

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English
Pages 724
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-4573-2
Creation date 2018
Size 16 х 24 cm

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