Post-Totalitarian Cinema in Eastern European Countries: Models and Identities. Proceedings of a conference, 25 November, 2018, Velingrad, Bulgaria
Language: English


Table of contents

Transition, crisis, identities, typologies

I. Daraktchieva. Bulgarian film 19882018: Crossing borders, conquering territories

N. Marinchevska. Rethinking national identity crises in Bulgarian animation: The new generations

Z. Dolidze. The national film transition period in Georgia (19912000)

M. Țuțui. 30 years of Post-Communist cinema in Romania divided into four periods

A. Martonova. Identity dialogues: An approach towards the theoretical framework in the aspects of modern Bulgarian film

A. Donev. On the typology of self-financed Bulgarian feature films after 1990

A. Chuposki. Macedonian film after the fall of communism

A. Staykov. Considering the crisis in Bulgarian film of the decade after the fall of the totalitarian regime

Toponyms, migration, gender

A. Forbes. The Balkans' Europolis: Sulina as synecdoche

R. Ranković. Migration of young people in Serbian cinema: Go, stay or come back?

C. Stojanova. Subjectivity and the female double

A. Daleore. Transition in Serbian film industry in the example of female producers and directors

Documentaries, authors, interpretations

A. Bozheyeva. Post-totalitarian documentary film: the period as viewed by directors

T. Doncheva. Auteur interpretations in documentaries

R. lacob. Archival artifact in Eastern European documentary as locus of recollection

Visuality, poetics, experiments, audiences

E. Gotzeva. The specific national poetics and new archetypes in the post-totalitarian Bulgarian film

P. Alexandrova. Bulgarian feature short film adaptations in the twenty-first century

S. Baimukhanova. Visual solutions to Kazakh and Eastern European post-socialist films (19892018)

I. Astrukov. Borders of new Bulgarian experimental film

R. Neykova. Fragments of Bulgarian cinema for children. Aesthetics and communication

R. Spasov. (Bulgarian) film criticism in a constant state of transition

Посттоталитарното източно-европейско кино — модели и идентичности

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language English
Pages 218
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8594-79-0
Creation date 2019
Size 16 х 24 cm

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