Ethnic Cultures and Arts: Tribute to Prof. Lyubomir Mikov, Doctor of Sciences, on the Occasion of his 70th anniversary
Bulgarian with summaries in English 


Table of contents /summaries/

O. Sabev. Celebrating Prof. Lyubomir Mikov’s anniversary

R. Miteva. Bibliography of works by Prof. Lyubomir Mikov, DSc

Part one. Ethnic cultures

P. Bochkov. Veda Slovena and the Bulgarian customs and traditions

I. Gergova. The necropolis next to St. Mary’s birth church in Berkovitsa: Orthodox rituals and magical practices

R. Meymari. Buenek and Dionysus’s Followers in Ancient Thrace

G. Kraev. On the meaning of the epithet “the Silent White Danube” in the classical Bulgarian folklore

E. Atanasova. Old-style orthodox culture in the period of transition and European integration (the cases of Bulgaria and Romania)

M. Sabkova. Urban culture, conversion and overcoming the ethnic fluidity among the Bulgarian Muslims

A. Stoilova. The Pre-Adamic Universe (according to two Arabic manuscripts)

M. Tsenova. “The cousin off takes the bride the horse” or inter-cousin marriage in Arabic proverbs

I. Zaytsev. The Girays of Karnobat

Y. Averyanov. Saints (Veli) in the Bektashi traditions: the examples of Hacı Bektaş, Sulta Şuca and Otman Baba

S. Kenderova. On the human body and the healthy foods and drinks

P. Ivanova, R. Kovachev. An unknown Ottoman archival collection as one of History museum of Karlovo’s treasures

M. Elchinova. Religion in Turkey between secularization, modernization and nation-building process

Part two. Arts

C. Popov. Semiotic analysis of visual and plastic arts: Its potential and application

I. Marazov. Tagimasa/Poseidon: The Scythian almighty god

G. Gerov. Depictions of Saint Monks and Hermits in the monuments of Bulgarian Medieval murals from the second half of the 14th century

S. Stanev. “The Old Bishopric church” of Mesemvria according to Karel Škorpil’s research

N. Petkova. Goldsmith tradition in Sofia during the 16th-18th century: Facts and hypotheses

V. Dimtirov. The murals of St. Petka church in Svoge

R.Marinska. The drawings of Hristo Koev (18151890): On the problem of Naïve art

P. Pavlovich. The incomparable Qur’an and the Weak Poets: The Siamese twins of speculative theology

T. Starodub. The image of mosque in the 13th14th century Arab miniatures

M. Ibrahimgil. Ottoman architecture in the Balkans and in Bulgaria: A General assessment

D. Stoyanova. Cultural and historical specificities of Kurşum Han in Plovdiv

O. Sabev. The European “Strange” arts as seen by Ottoman encounters (17th19th centuries)

A. Shakir. Copies of Ottoman Tombstone Inscriptions from the Eastern Rhodope Mountain Preserved in a Notepad Belonging to §akir Mehmed §akir (19101991) from the Village of Mak

M. Valkova. Decorative papers used for the bindings of the Oriental and Slavonic manuscripts preserved in Sts Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia

English abstracts

List of contributors

Етнокултури и изкуства. Сборник с изследвания в чест на 70-годишнината на проф. Любомир Миков

Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian, Russian, English with summaries in English
Pages 464
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-535-987-3
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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