Contextualizing Changes: Migration, Shifting Borders and New Identities in Eastern Europe
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference, 910 October, 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria
Editors: Petko Hristov, Anelia Kassabova, Evgenia Troeva, Dagnosław Demski


     The aim of the conference Contextualizing Changes: Migrations, Shifting Borders and New Identities in Eastern Europe” is to bring together scholars of different age, from different states, institutions, and disciplines for an interdisciplinary and transnational dialog. The articles are organized in chapters which follow the thematic panels of the conference. The conference is stage for constructive meeting of internal“ and external perspectives, of the points of view of Eastern“ and Western researchers, representatives of different academic traditions, persons with different opinions.


Table of contents


Part IVisualisation, Symbolic Borders and Constructing Identity

K. Kaser. Visualizing the Balkans: the Balkan Wars, the Great War and Visual Modernity

A. Kassabova. Portraits and Borders: Early Photographic Portraiture in Bulgaria (18601910) and the Construction of Social and Gender Identities

D. Demski. Going-Beyond to Evoke the Other. The Balkans and the Polish Imagination

K. Baraniecka-Olszewska. Shifting Symbolic Boundaries: Re-enacting Nazi Troops in Contemporary Poland

R. Pichler. Staging the Nation: ‘Skopje 2014’ and the Claim for Recognition

Part II: Migration and (New) Identities

I. Markov. Contextualizing the Migratory Shift: from “Gurbet” toward “Family Migration”: The Case of the Albanians from Macedonia

E. Tzaneva. Towards a Concept of Migration-Homeland-Culture (Case Study of Post-War Bulgarian Migrations to Australia)

V. Sharlanova. Conceptualisation of Turkish Labour Migration in Western European Studies

V. Penchev. Contexts and Subtexts: Motivational Models for Emigration towards Central Europe

V. Toncheva. Shifting Borders, Refugees and New Identities: the Case of the Tsvarkovi Family from Golloborda Region, Albania

P. Hristov. Migration Strategies and Malleable Identities among Bulgarian Youths in the Odessa District

G. Pavlova-Hannam. Contemporary Migration of Bulgarians to Northeast England: Representations and Responses

P. Manolova. Bulgarian Migration to England  the Influential Power of the Imaginary West

M. Maeva. Bulgarian Stories about Immigration and Settlement in Great Britain

Z. Bogdanova. Crossing Boundaries and Identities “On the Road”: The Case of the Youth Short-Term Labour Migration in the Framework of the Program for Cultural Exchange “Work and Travel USA”

Part IIIReligions, Cultures, Identities

J. Eade. Migration and Religious Place-Making in a Changing Europe

E. Troeva. Symbolizing Religious Boundaries and Identities

V. Altanov. ”The Rhodope Mountains Are a Fortress to Be Conquered”

V. Baeva. Local Cult, Migration and Identity: The Veneration of St. Zone on Both Sides of the Bulgarian-Greek Border

V. Periklieva. The Cult of Our Lady of Lourdes  Different Levels of Identity Construction of the Bulgarian Catholics in the Town of Rakovski

T. Dimitrova. Celebration of St. St. Cyril and Methodius by the Bulgarian Community in Warsaw, Poland

G. Fatkova. Bulgarian Karakachans and Re-Domestication of Religion: Migration, House and Bread

Part IVCommunities, Borders and Cultures

L. Vakhnina. To the Problem of Identification, Folk Traditions and Borderland in Southern Ukraine

I. Ogiyenko. Folklore as a Factor of Ethnic Identity of Bulgarians in Ukraine

K. Kość-Ryżko. Identity Formation of Young Chechen Refugees in Poland in the Face of Foreign Cultures

S. Zhygun. Ethnicity in Light of Realism: the 19th and the 20th Centuries

T. Matanova. Identity Dynamics among Bulgarian-Ukrainians Living in Bulgaria in the 21st Century

A. Iakimova. Formation of the Identity of the New Ukrainian Community in Bulgaria

A. Sorescu-Marinković, M. Măran. Romanians in Serbia  Shifting Borders, Shifting Identity

N. Dimitrov. Functions and Significance of the Cultural-Educational Organization of the Karakachans in Bulgaria: Between Identity and Mobility

B. Petkova. The Historical Roots of the Balkan Fairytale

B. Halicka. The “Polish Wild West”: Forced Migration and Cultural Appropriation of the Oder Region after 1945

I. Popravko. Aliens among Natives: Authenticity, Repatriates and the Boundaries of Cultural Citizenship in Modern Kazakhstan

M. Kortenska. Civilization paradox: Bulgaria  Europe. Parallel of Identities: Cultural Profile since the Beginning of the 20th Century and Social Processes in the 21st Century in Bulgaria

Part VShifting Borders and Changing Identity

R. Detrez. Reassessing Ethnic Identity in the Pre-National Balkans

C. Lintz. Perceptions of a New European Identity along the E.U. Border Tales from Bulgaria and Macedonia

S. Șerban. Hidden Identities in Southeast Europe Aromanians in Romania

M. Zlatkova. Towns and Migration – Urban Spaces and Shifting Borders

B. Raeva. Internal Migration and Industrialization during Socialism and Crossing the Border from Regional to National (or Vice Versa?): Relationship between Fellow Countrymen (Zemlyatsi) as a Strategy and Practice in the Metallurgical Plant “Kremikovtsi”

M. Rajković. Migrations, Shifting Borders and Identities in the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), Montenegro

V. Ganeva-Raycheva. Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Everyday Life in the Context of the Cross-Border Region: the Thrace Region

V. Vasseva. Identity and Boundary Setting of the Bulgarian Catholics in the Vicinity of Bucharest

I. Eftimova. Identity, Shifting Borders and Migration: Everyday Experiences among Bulgarian Muslims in the Shumen and Razgrad Regions.

Z. Malinov.Comparative Research on Calendar Rites on Both Sides of the Macedonian-Bulgarian border

M. Hristova. Shifting Borders, Creating New Identities  New Concepts of History

K. Medica. Regional Identity and the Nation States: Istrian Identity  Between the ‘Centre’ and the ‘Periphery’

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