Art & Ideology: Studia in honorem Prof. Ivani Marazov


Table of contents


I. The Language of Art

M.N. Pogrebova. On the Genesis and Evolution of an Ornamentation Type, Represented on Vessels from the South Caucasus (End of 2nd  Beginning of 1st  Mill. B.C.) (summary)

L. Bonfante. The Symbolism of Gold and Amber

T. Shalganova. Archaic Bronze Hydria from V. Bozhkov Collection (summary)

S.A. Yatsenko. Essays on Anthropomorphic Image of Scythians

E. Perevodchikov. The Principles of Scythian Animal Style as a Basis of Imitation and the Art of Forgery (summary)

K. Hawthorne. Unmasking the Sacred: an Alternative Approach to the Archaeology of Religion (summary)

N. Chausidis. Juggling and its Mystical Paradigms in the Pictorial Medium

M. Treister. The Treasure of Silver Rhyta from Erebuni. I. The Calf-Head Rhyton

I. Petvor. The Wall Paintings with Battle Scenes from the Alexandrovo Tomb (An Attempt of a Reading) (summary)

V. Dobreva. On Commedu: Reading on “About the Art of Poetics” (summary)

K. Tanabe. Diffusion of Ketos Imagery from the Mediterranean to Central Asia Via Gandhara (summary)

V. Popova. Identification of the Official Roman and Early Byzantine Portrait from Bulgaria (summary)

M. Koleva. Roman Ideal Sculpture (summary)

A. Hayrulina-Valieva, D. Tabakov. Iranian-Sasanig Traces in Culture and History of the Volga-, Danubean and Varhun Bulgarian Settles in Eastern and Central Europe (summary)

A. Djurova. Why Was Ekphrasis Missing in the Mediaeval Bulgarian Literature (summary)

G. Gerov. The Conceptual Design of the Murals from the “New Metropolia” in Nessebar in 1598-1599 (summary)

M. Miteva. Decorators and the Image of Bulgaria of Trade Shows in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century (summary)

M. Georgieva. Prince Ferdinand on the Pages of the Newspaper “Bulgaran”(1904-1909) – Images, Roles and Suggestions (summary)

I. Granitski. The Aristocratic Irony of Lyuben Zidarov (summary)

C. Popov. Art and Ideology in the Twentieth Century  Some Terminology Issues (summary)

V. Ganeva-Marazova. Interest towards Rituality in Bulgarian Art of the 1970-ies (summary)

A. Yaneva. Artist and Challenge in Contemporary Bulgarian Art (summary)

II. From History to Myth

V. Fol. The Sungod

H. Haarmann, J. Marler. Reflections on the Old European/Danube Script

G. Ganetsovski. The Sacred Place in the Early Neolithic Settlement Ohoden Valoga (summary)

M. Robbins Dexter. The Monstrous Goddess: The Degeneration of Ancient Bird and Snake Goddesses into Historic Age Witches and Monsters

N. Nedelchev. Ancestors and Chiefs  Heroes in the “Egyptian History” of Maneto (summary)

N. Shivarov. Gold in the Bible / OT as Ideas. Historical, Archaeological and Exegetical View (summary)

S. Jordanov. The Thraciand “Head Hunters” (summary)

V. Stefanov. Demos and Democracy  Points of Rupture (summary)

E. Beksac. El mar, el rio y el santuario. A la Luz de los Monumentos Megaliticos de la Tracia Oriental y el Anatolia Noroeste

P. Ilieva. Altar or Perirrhanterion: Were There Water Purification Rites in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace

L. Levchev. “Argo”  the Ship of Miracles, and Orpheus  the Wonder Poet (summary)

K. Porozhanov. Empire and Polis in Thrace at the End of VIth to the Middle of IVth Century BC (General Historical Notes) (summary)

A. Gouridis. Structural Architecture and Ideology During the Late Antiquity (summary)

O. Minaeva. Consecration Rituals of Pagan Bulgarian Kingship (summary)

V.B. Kovalevskaya. Byzantine Trade in the Blask Sea East Coast During the First Millenium AD. Based on Statistical Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Imported Beads (summary)

V.N. Sedyh. On the Cult of the Bear and Its Manifestations in the Yaroslav Volga Regions in the Early Middle Ages (summary)

O. Belova, V. Petrukhin. “And all of them Bowed down before Adam…” Versions of the Dualistic Anthropogony (summary)

V. Markov. To the Question of Ancient Thracian Heritage in the Image of Krali Marko from the Bulgarian Folklore (summary)

Y. Berezkin. Some Motivs of Bulgarian Folk Beliefs in Eurasian Context

G. Kraev. Marriage as a Mask and Veil (summary)

R. Popov. Healer St. Panteleimon in the Beliefs of the Balkan Peoples (summary)

V. Demirev. A Variant of Dynamics of Sanctity in Local Knowledge (summary)

D. Radoynova. The Pig in the Represented and Imagined World of Thrace and the Western Black Sea Coast (summary)

L. Peycheva, V. Dimov. “Bloody Younghood ...” (Old Songs on Youth with Ageless Mythopoetics) (summary)

I. Bokova. Urban Landscapes, Cultural Heritage And Tourism (summary)

III. Artifacts and Attributes

P. Minkov. Origin of the Cup from the Village of Dolno Sahrane (summary)

K. Rabadjiev. The Divine Chariot in Thrace (summary)

M. Tonkova. The Golden Bough from Momina Mound and Openwork Decoration with Slips from the Late Fourth Century BC (summary)

N. Torbov. The Treasure from Galiche (summary)

N. Manassero. Carnyx in Translation

A. Minchev. Miniature Votive Double-Headed Axes From Odessos and its Vicinity (V  III Centuries BC) (summary)

R. Stoychev. Φιαλαι Εκτυπωταί or Two Silver Cups of a Macedonian Type (summary)

K. Petkova. The Sitting Sillenus (summary)

Y. Ivanov. Labrys in the Protective Armaments from Thrace. The Helmet from Pastusha (summary)

S. Topalov. To Whom Belongs the Ring from Dalakova Mogila Mound (summary)

T. Stoyanov. The Silver Jug from Naip with an “White Lotus”(Nelumbo nucifera) Decoration in Local Context (summary)

R. Zatovic. Epigraphic Findings from Locality Zlatica  Doljani

Z. Dimitrov. A Corinthian Cornice from the Forum of Serdica, a Fine Example of Roman and Ottoman Architectural and Decorative Sculpture (summary)

S. Ratkovic. The Fibulae with Upturned Foot from Pontes and Novae

Y. Buktel. Notes on a Lead Coffin and an Impost Capital in Edrine Archaeological Museum

M. Raycheva. A Votive Tile with an Antinous Medallion Found in Philippopolis (summary)

L. Mikov. Ottoman Monuments in Montana, Bulgaria (summary)

K. Popkonstantinov. On Two Amulets with Evangelical Texts against Diseases (summary)

M. Rousseva. Methodology for the Study and Analysis of Architectural Structures Unearthed During Archaeological Excavations (summary)

IV. Abstracts

Изкуство & идеология. Изследвания в чест на проф. Иван Маразов

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English, Russian, Spanish with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 952
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-3388-3
Creation date 2012
Size 16 х 24 cm

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