Luben Dimanov (Modern Bulgarian Art. Names)
Language: Bulgarian, Engilsh (bilingual)


     Luben Dimanov was born in 1933 in Knezha, Bulgaria. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in 1959  "Decorative and Monumental Arts". In the National Academy of Arts he follows in one course with Dimitar Kirov, Georgi Bozhilov and Svetlin Rusev. His work is known in Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, New York… Dimanov's paintings are owned by the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the National Galleries in Tbilisi and Skopje. Since 1976 Luben Dimanov has lived and worked in Paris.


Publisher National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 48
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8718-49-3
Creation date 2020
Size 22 х 21 cm

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