The double helix enfilade of architect Georgi Berberov
Двойната винтова анфилада на архитект Георги Берберов
Category: Architecture
Language: Bulgarian


    With the undeservedly forgotten concept of a double helix enfilade and a double access architect Georgi Berberov transubstantiates the architectural-urbanistic synthesis of the Bulgarian Revival ensembles. Thus the building heritage of the Revival and its hidden sociocultural potential, assumed by St Cyril and St Methodius, become applicable in contemporary context. The holy brothers devise our script and the first theological translations from Greek language, having by that time a two thousand-year-old literary development. In order for the scriptless Slavonic-Bulgarian language to be correspondent to the Greek one in the translations, it undergoes such transformation that the development of our culture continues as if it already has a thousand-year-old history of literacy. This unveils architectural possibilities too. St Cyril and St Methodius’ approach can be generalized as an introduction to the reality of formal traces of a past that has not happened but has been desired  traces, which create a respective real future. And the artificial vital environment is an all-embracing collector of traces of the happening. Among them the architect can also integrate traces of a past that has not happened, but has been desired, suggestively implying a more favorable future. As an architectural-urbanistic synthesis the concept of a double helix enfilade and a double access presupposes the necessary context  the comprehensive figurative and utilitarian integration of the building coverage and its impact  a contemporary architectural-suggestive basis of a growth of St Cyril and St Methodius’ potential of the Bulgarian culture. Architect Berberov’s work gives evidence of both the reflective and the intuitive accomplishment of the concept: parallelly aligned with science and the Bulgarian tradition.


Table of contents



I. Двойната винтова анфилада и двойният достъп

II. Провалената хабилитация на арх. Георги Берберов

III. Философските начала в творческите позиции на арх. Георги Берберов

IV. Заключение

V. Георги Берберов: хабилитационен труд. Пространствени и функционални взаимоотношения в архитектурата. Дом на руската наука и култура, гр. София

Глава I. Aгора 

Глава II. За пространствения комфорт в апартаментните жилища

Глава III. Значимост на психологическия фактор

Глава IV. Двойна винтова анфилада и двоен достъп 

Глава V. Философия и архитектура



Литература и документи




Publisher Daniela Ubenova
Language Bulgarian
Pages 176
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-791-303-5
Creation date 2020
Size 21 х 29 cm

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