Architecture stories: The place of architecture in our lives
Language: English. Category: Architecture


     "Architecture Stories" is more of a literary work than a scientific one, in the way architecture is more of an art than an exact science for me. Approaching this subject with my background as a practicing architect I strive to relate my experiences and thoughts on some of the most exciting contemporary buildings and spaces, as well as their authors. I honestly share my ideas and beliefs, the culmination of many years in observation and analysis. Generally people find architectural topics complicated and unattractive, but in this particular case, I believe they become accessible and interesting through the narrative form. As we live in a dynamic world where time is limited, I’ve tried to say more with less. These short personal stories on arhitectural topics were born from such impetus. I see the world as dialectic: we can simultaneously be pupils and teachers. Accordingly, I took the challenge of addressing everyone in this book, from the general public to students and professionals. I conceived it as a brief introduction to contemporary architecture, meant to provoke curiosity, thirst for knowledge and debate."

Архитектурни истории. Мястото на архитектурата в нашия живот

Publisher Stefan Dobrev
Language English
Pages 208
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-7050-02-8
Creation date 2012
Size 20 х 25 cm

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