The Kursk Clash
Category: World War II
Language: English

     The book examines the fiercest clash in World War II: the Soviet-German Battle of Kursk, which lasted from July 5 to August 23, 1943. The author presents the Battle of Kursk as a watershed between the two phases of the war. In terms of concentration of people and military equipment, and of power and determination of the German offensive and persistence of the Russian defense, this battle surpassed all other battles. More than 4 million people, 13000 tanks and 12000 planes are involved in this huge clash...


Table of contents



1. Day One

2. The “Rome-Berlin-Tokyo” Bending Axis

3. The “Three Big” Men in a Boat

4. Early Autumn of 1942  the USSR on the Edge of Abyss

5. O Tannenbaum

6. The Shlisselburg Corridor, the Rostov Neck and the Rzjev Salient

7. Stalingrad Final

8. I Am Asking You: “Do You Want a Total War?”

9. Winter Kharkov Battles

10. Confrontation between Military Economies

11. In Weapons’ Language

13. Under Occupation

14. Pause, Preparation and Staking

14. Kursk: Model against Rokossovsky

15. Southern Flank of Kursk Bulge  July 611, 1943

16. Prokhorovka and the End of the “Citadel” Operation

17. The Orel Battle and the Fist Salute

18. Belgorod and again Kharkov

19. Risks, Decisions

20. From Whom the Russian Bells Toll

Appendix 1. High Rank Military Commanders Actively Participating in the Kursk Battle

Appendix 2. Military Equipment Actively Involved in the Kursk Battle and Subsequent Operations




Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language English
Pages 250
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-245-0830
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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