The Fire and the Darkness: The Bombing of Dresden, 1945
Дрезден 1945. Огънят и тъмнината
Category: World War II
Language: Bulgarian


   On February 13th, 1945 at 10:03 PM, British bombers began one of the most devastating attacks of WWII: the bombing of Dresden. The first contingent killed people and destroyed buildings, roads, and other structures. The second rained down fire, turning the streets into a blast furnace, the shelters into ovens, and whipping up a molten hurricane in which the citizens of Dresden were burned, baked, or suffocated to death.

   Early the next day, American bombers finished off what was left. Sinclair McKay’s The Fire and the Darkness is a pulse-pounding work of history that looks at the life of the city in the days before the attack, tracks the bombing in details, and considers the long period of reconstruction and recovery. The Fire and the Darkness is powered by McKay’s reconstruction of this unthinkable terror from the points of view of the ordinary civilians: Margot Hille, an apprentice brewery worker; Gisela Reichelt, a ten-year-old schoolgirl; boys conscripted into the Hitler Youth; choristers of the Kreuzkirche choir; artists, shop assistants, and classical musicians, as well as the Nazi officials stationed there.

   What happened that night in Dresden was calculated annihilation in a war that was almost over. Sinclair McKay’s work takes a complex, human, view of this terrible night.


Table of contents


Предговор. Градът във времето

Част 1. Наближаващата лудост

1. Прежните дни

2. В лесовете на гаулайтера

3. Детронирането на разума

4. Изкуството и изродеността

5. Стъкленият човек и физиците

6. „Нещо като един малък Лондон“

7. Науката за апокалипсиса

8. Подходящите атмосферни условия

9. Измаркучени

10. Дяволът няма да има покой

Част 2. Shreckennacht

11. Денят на мрака

12. Пет минути преди сирените

13. В бездната

14. Сенки и светлина

15. 22:03 ч.

16. Пламналите очи

17. Полунощ

18. Втората вълна

19. Между мъртъвците

20. Третата вълна

Част 3. Отекването на труса

21. Мъртъвци и сомнамбули

22. Жарките гробници

23. Значението на терора

24. Музиката на мъртвите

25. Откатът

26. „Сталинисткият стил“

27. Красотата и възпоменанието


Избрана библиография



Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 440
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-0797-2
Creation date 2021
Size 14 х 21 cm

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