Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak: A historical review
Александър Василиевич Колчак. Исторически поглед
Categories: Interwar period; Russia

Language: Bulgarian


     Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak (18741920) was a popular figure in Russian history in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His life path passes through some of the most difficult and troubled times not only on a national, but on a global level  large-scale military clashes and change of centuries-old state system. It is not possible to raise the question of infringement civil peace in Russia in the early twentieth century without mentioning the name of A.V. Kolchak.

     Admiral Kolchak is relatively recognizable, but the level of knowledge about his personality is very insufficient. The burden his family is carring is related to the vicissitudes of the time in which he lived and the position of supreme leader and commander-in-chief of the White movement in Russia.

     On the eve of the one hundredth anniversary of takeover of supreme power by Alexander Kolchak, there is no specific assessment of the historical image. The rich documentary material used in the monograph proves that there is no way to make an unambiguous evaluation of his life. On the other hand, the historical reading presents a career and а life path of only forty-five years, in which, if we look closely, we will find so many images, but only one way, one goal  the salvation of the Motherland.

Table of contents


I. 18741916 г. Родословие. Ранни години. Военна кариера

1. Произход на фамилията Колчак

2. Ранни години. Колчак Полярни

3. Участие в Руско-японската война и в кръжока за възстановяване на руските морски сили

4. Ал. В. Колчак в Първата световна  война

II. 19171920 г. Върховен управляващ и Върховен главнокомандващ

1. В търсене на пристан. Антиболшевишки сили на изток

2. Омск. Превратът

3. Белият рул  Върховен управляващ и Върховен главнокомандващ

4. Към Иркутск

III. Актуалност и исторически поглед

1. Реабилитация

2. Исторически реминисценции


Справка за участниците в събитията

Списък на по-важните дати от живота на Ал. В. Колчак

Ордени и награди  на Ал. В. Колчак

Писмено наследство на Ал. В. Колчак 



Publisher St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo
Language Bulgarian
Pages 360
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ISBN 978-619-208-147-8
Creation date 2018
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