Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 19441956
Language: Bulgarian


     At the end of World War II the Soviet Union found itself in control of a huge swath of territory in Eastern and Central Europe. Stalin set out to convert a dozen countries to Communism  a completely new political and moral system. In Iron Curtain, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author describes how the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were created and what daily life was like once they were complete. She draws on newly opened East European archives, interviews and personal accounts portraying the dilemmas faced by millions of individuals trying to adjust to a way of life that challenged their every belief.

Желязната завеса: Рухването на Източна Европа (1944–1956)

Publisher Riva
Language Bulgarian
Pages 536
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-320-566-0
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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