History of the Bulgarian award system. Part II. Volume I: Bulgarian decorations
Language: Bulgarian
English (bilingual)
Category: Phaleristics, Numismatics, Philately, Militaria


Table of contents

Chapter I. Military Decorations

1.1. All-Army Decorations

1.2. Decorations of Military Academies, Schools and High Schools

1.3. Decorations of the Various Types of Armed Forces and Troops

Chapter II. Decorations for Historical Dates, Events, Persons and Monuments

2.1. Decorations for Historical Dates and Events

2.2. Decorations with Effigies of Outstanding Persons

2.3. Decorations of Monuments

Chapter III. Decorations of Honorary Titles

3.1. Decorations of Honorary Titles Introduced by Decrees of Higher State Authorities (State Awards)

3.2. Decorations of Honorary Titles Established by Orders or Resolutions of Various Institutions and Organizations

История на наградната система на България, част II. Български знаци, том I

Publisher PHP
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 576
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-91766-4-3
Creation date 2011
Size 21 х 29 cm

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