Power and Society: Silistra 19481958
Власт и общество. Силистра 1948—1958
Language: Bulgaria


The monograph examines the period of laying the foundations of the so-called New Socialist Society in Bulgaria and in the Silistra region (Dobruja, Northeast Bulgaria) in particular. This is a period of a complex and contradictory political, socio-economic and cultural development, carried out in the context of establishing the Soviet model of social order and government. During this period the process of merging the Bulgarian Communist Party with the state was completed. Power and society merge into one entity. During these years the private property was nationalized (industrial enterprises, land ownership, buildings) as well as the historical (collective) memory, moral consciousness, science, art, etc.


Table of contents

Първа глава. Градска икономика

Втора глава. Селско стопанство

Трета глава. „Епопеята“ на строителството на жп линията „Самуил – Силистра“

Четвърта глава. Социален профил на силистренското общество

Пета глава. Власт и общество

Шеста глава. Образование и култура


Publisher Regional Historical Museum Silistra
Language Bulgarian
Pages 406
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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