Communism versus Democracy, Bulgaria 19441997, is an English language translation and reedition of Nassya Kralevska-Owens prize-winning study, Untitled: Destroyers and Builders of Bulgaria.


Table of contents

About the book

Introduction by Professor Mark Kramer



Part One The Beginning

1. Between Despair and Hope

2. The Awakening

3. “The King the Dead! Long Live the King”

4. The Bulgarian Dissidents

Part Two The Communization and Sovietization of Bulgaria

5. Building the Foundation of a Communist State

6. Upheavals after September 9, 1944

7. The Travesty of a Sequence of Trials, a Free Election and a Grand National Assembly

8. Last Bricks in the Construction of a Communist State

9. Persecution of Religious Institutions

10. Terror and High Treason

Part Three Opposition and Collaboration

11. The New Opposition

12. The Hot December

13. Demagogy in Action

Part Four Civilian Emotions

14. “The Inebriation of a Nation”

15. The Elections of 1990 Free or Manipulated?

16. The Truth of Students and Civilians

17. Power Management at the Top

Part Five Philip Dimitrov and His Time

18. In the Darkness of a Sinister Autumn

19. An Attempt at a Portrait of Philip Dimitrov

20. Agreement Honored “in the Communist Fashion”

21. Differences in Tactics or Something More?

22. Five Revolutionary Months

23. Semi-victory for the Democrats

24. On the Thorny Path to Democracy

25. Bringing Down Philip Dimitrov’s Government: Plots and Maneuvers

26. Lawlessness Outside of Time




Index of Frequently Used Names

Без заглавие: рушители и строители на България

Publisher The American Research Center in Sofia
Language English
Pages 432
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92571-1-3
Creation date 2010
Size 16 х 24 cm

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