Bulgaria and the New Slavic movement (19411948)
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


     During the Second World War in the Soviet Union, in a direct manner the international All-Slavic Committee was set up, entrusted with the task of disseminating anti-German propaganda among the Slavic peoples. The Committee, in purely organizational terms, was in fact the first centralized body in the whole history of Slavdom, developing an active and purposeful activity on its unification. At the same time, the Slavic movement in Bulgaria, due to the objective circumstances both in the country and in whole Europe, was in a state of a complete decline and profound lethargy. After the end of the war, however, Bulgaria quickly shrugged off its past as a German satellite and managed to become one of the most active and zealous member states of the Moscow-led all-Slavic movement.
Table of contents


Chapter one. The Kremlin Slavic project and Bulgaria’s place in it

1. The collapsе of traditional Bulgarian Slavophilism

2. The beginning of the new Slavic movement and the Bulgarian Communists

3. The Moscow All-Slavic Committee and its propaganda abroad

4. Slavic factor in Soviet foreign policy

Chapter two. Revival of the Slavic movement in Bulgaria

1. Establishment of the Slavic Committee and restoration of the bilateral societies

2. On the eve of the Slavic congress in Sofia

3. “200 thousand people manifested the war unity of the Slavic peoples”

4. Hidden behind euphoria pragmatism

Chapter three. Bulgaria in the post-war Slavic world

1. For the first time all Slavs together

2. In the shadow of the Cold War

3. The First Post-War Slavic Congress and Bulgaria’s participation in it

4. The undeclared end of the new Slavic movement

България и новото славянско движение (1941–1948)
Publisher Gutenberg
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 316
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-176-156-2
Creation date 2019
Size 16 х 24 cm

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