Bulgaria and Great Britain Before and in the Beginning of the Cold War: Politics, Economy and Propaganda, 19441953 (Series Academica 2). Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


    Thе book surveys political, economic and cultural issues of British-Bulgarian relations. It throws light on the place of Bulgaria in British diplomacy and Bulgarian attitudes toward Britain. It also examines how Britain formulated and developed its policy towards the Soviet satellites in the spheres of politics, economic and culture, and, particularly, asks how Britain planned to use the weaknesses of the Soviet bloc in its policy. The case under examination demonstrates how political conflict, economic necessity and cultural propaganda were interwoven in a complex net of interdependence.


Table of contents


Chapter I. The Hot War and the Cold Peace: Bulgarian-British Political Relations

1.1. The Place of Bulgaria in British Diplomacy in the End of the Second World War

1.2. The Policy of Great Britain towards Bulgaria from the End of the War tothe Conclusion of the Peace Treaty

1.3. Great Britain and the Political Regime in Bulgaria after the Conclusion of the Peace Treaty

1.4. The Image of the Enemy in the Divided World

1.5. Bulgarian-British Relations in the End of the 1940s

1.6. A Time of Standstill 

Chapter II. Through the Iron Curtain: The Economic Factor in Bulgarian-British Relations

2.1. Bulgarian-British Trade Links in the Context of the Growing International Tension

2.2. Negotiations for Trade Agreement and for the Settlement of Bulgaria’s Financial Debts to Great Britain

2.3. Bilateral Trade in the Early 1950s

Chapter III. The War of Words: The Cultural Propaganda in Bulgarian-British Relations

3.1. The Imposition of the Soviet Cultural Pattern in Bulgaria and the British Vision for the Free Field in the Sphere of Culture

3.2. The Cold War and the Cultural Propaganda in Bulgarian-British Relations

3.3 Bulgarian Cultural Propaganda and the Closing Down of the British Council in Sofia


Summary in English


България и Великобритания преди и в началото на Студената война: политика, икономика и пропаганда

Publisher The University of Shumen Press
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 370
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-577-600-7
Creation date 2011
Size 14 х 21 cm

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