Angel Kuyumdzhiyski: Life between Precipices and Peaks
Ангел Куюмджийски. Живот между пропастии върхове
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English
Category: Bulgaria during the Interwar period


   It is really strange why in our recent Bulgarian history in the period between the two world wars the name of Angel Kuyumdzhiyski (1886—1953) seems to have disappeared. Has such a person never existed? Who is the man called by his friends "Kuyum"? His steps intersect radically different horizons he is a publisher, philanthropist, financier, merchant, consultant, diplomat and intelligence officer. The archival, historical and literary sources used in this documentary study definitely speak of a truly extraordinary life, full of rapids and twists, and in some cases they are unyielding to the explanations of normal logic.

   His glamorous career in the banking sphere began as a regular bank clerk who quickly rose to a major financier, participating as a member of the board and as a shareholder in Balkan Bank, French-Belgian Bank, Plovdiv Bank Franco-Belgian and Balkan Bank, Franco-Bulgarian Bank and the Belgian Banque pour l’Etranger. These positions help him to participate as a director and a shareholder in some of the largest and most important for the Bulgarian industry trade companies.

   Kuyumdzhiyski also proved to be an important figure for the new rulers after 9.IX.1944, who were ready for a series of personal concessions, just to improve their relations with the United States. In this way, he, unlike hundreds of other rich Bulgarians, manages to regain the equivalent of the substantial part of the capital he held in the country.

   But this is far from everything. Angel Kouyoumdjisky is the only bank expert who prepares and offers a state-level project that justifies the restructuring of the government debts in 1925. He is involved in negotiating the financing of the Rila water-main and the sale of the Rousse Sugar Factory. He is consecutively an honorary consul of Austria and Brazil in Bulgaria.

   But there is another more important fact. Angel Kuyumdzhiyski turns out to be the point of intersection that could invert the consequences of the World War II for Bulgaria. His name is inextricably linked to the so-called “K” Project for the separation of Bulgaria from the orbit of Nazi Germany and its transition to the Allies’s side. The historical science has commented on the participation of Kuyumdzhiyski in the Jadwin mission. However, the Project “K” in its entirety stayed outside the attention. This plan covered at least three stages preparation, commencing in the autumn of 1942, the Jadwin mission and the remaining in shadow “B” plan for a possible change of power in Sofia through a coup d’état...


Table of contents


I. Личен живот
I. Personal life

II. Патриот и благотворител
II. Patriot and donator

1. Дарение за Съюза на запасните офицети
1. Donation for Union of reserve officers

2. Фондация за подпомагане на бедни студенти
2. Foundation for poor students support

3. Дарения на българското правителство
3. Donations for the Bulgarian government

III. Финансистът
III. The financier

1. Балканска банка
1. Banque Bakanique

2. Търговски пълномощник на “The Standard Commercial Tobacco”
2. Commercial agent of “The Standard Commercial Tobacco”

3. Франко-белгийско командитно дружество „А. Куюмджийски & С-ие“
3. Franco-Belge “Angel Kouyoumdjisky & Co” Limited Partnership

4. Франко-белгийска банка за България
4. Banque Franco-Belge de Bulgarie

5. Франко-белгийска и балканска банка
5. Banque Franco-Belge et Balkanique

6. Франко-българска банка
6. Banque Franco-Bulgare

7. Banque Belge pour l’Etranger
7. Banque Belge pour l’Etranger

8. „Финансиера“
8. Financiera

IV. Обезщетеният собственик
IV. The compensated owner

1. Конфискацията
1. Confiscation

2. Национализация
2. Nationalization

2.1. „Съединени тютюневи фабрики“ АД
2.1. United Tobacco Factories

2.2. Франко-българска банка
2.2. Banque Franco-Bulgare

V. Консултантът
V. The consultant

1. Проектът на Куюмджийски за преструктуриране на държавните дългове
1. Restructuring the government debts

2. Финансиране на Рилския водопровод
2. Financing the Rila water-main

3. Продажбатра на Русенската захарна фабрика
3. Sale of Sugar factory in Rousse

VI. Дипломатът
VI. The diplomat

VII. Разузнавачът
VII. The secret agent

1. Посещението на Уилям Донован в България
1. William Donovan’s visit to Bulgaria

2. Политическа и военна обстановка след 1 март 1941 г.
2. The political and military situation after 1 March 1941

3. „Дискретните“ емисари на цар Борис III
3. The discreet envoys of King Boris III

4. Американските емисари
4. The American envoys

5. Румънският опит за съвместни действия
5. The Romanian attempt for joint action

6. Проектът „К“
6. Project “K”

6.1. Планиране
6.1. Planning

6.2. Мисията „Джадуин“
6.2. Jadwin Mission

6.3. План “B”
6.3. Plan “B”

7. Разговор с Иван Михайлов
7. Conversation with Ivan Mihailov

8. Делото срещу Иван-Асен Георгиев
8. The trial against Ivan-Asen Georgiev


Ползвани източници

Библиографска справка за използваните архивни източници
Bibliography of sources used


Publisher Colibri
Language Bulgarian
Pages 256
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-02-0676-7
Creation date 2020
Size 14 х 21 cm

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