The Republic of Turkey between the East and the West
Република Турция между Изтока и Запада

Language: Bulgarian


   On the eve of the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, although geographically neighbouring to Bulgaria, it remains too unknown to us Bulgarians. The transition the country is making from the "sick man of Europe" to the sixth economic power on the continent raises a cascade of questions: what are the reasons for its upward development, where is the limit of such growth, how does this trend affect the social fabric, what will be the geopolitical implications, and to what extent is the country's economic success due to its geostrategic choice to follow the Western model of modernization. This book offers answers to all of them, revealing the sociological aspects, logic, specificities, and snags of Turkey's modernization experience by tracing key historical milestones from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to Erdogan's long dominance in Turkish politics, thereby lifting the veil on a society riven by social, ethnic, religious, political, geographic, and civilizational contradictions. The challenge in the analysis is that it focuses on a country that is still moving along its modernization path, i.e. the processes at work are dynamic, not settled in their entirety, and have the complicating property of changing before our eyes.


Table of contents


Първа част. Теоретични рефлексии

I глава. Предмет, цел и хипотези на изследването

II глава. Методология на изследването

III глава. Що е модернизация? Що е модерност?

IV глава. Теоретичен апарат

V глава. Защо това заглавие?

VI глава. Ограничения на анализа


Втора част. По пътя на модернизацията

VII глава. Танзимат

VIII глава. Кемализъм

IX глава. Военен преврат и управление на Отечествената партия

X глава. Ерата „Ердоган“


Трета част. Сценарии за бъдещето на Турция 

XI глава. Панислямизъм и неоосманизъм

XII глава. Завръщане на старите елити

XIII глава. Териториално разпадане на страната през кюрдския фактор

XIV глава. Синтез между двете основни обществено-политически течения




Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 224
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-1085 -9
Creation date 2022
Size 16 х 24 cm

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