Ivan Dimov (Modern Bulgarian Art. Names)
Language: Bulgarian, Engilsh (bilingual)


   Born 19 February 1943 in the village of Malomir, Yambol region, Bulgaria. Graduates the Academy of Fine Arts in 1970. Specialises in Illustration under the supervision of prof. Peter Chuklev. Regular participant in general art exhibitions and the activities of the Union of Bulgarian Painters. His works include oil paintings, engravings and illustrations. He has taken part in general representative exhibitions of contemporary Bulgarian art in Washington, New York, Amsterdam, Mexico, Japan, Munich, etc. He has participated in international engravings biennials in Krakow, Baden Baden, Mileuse, Lubljana, Sao Paolo, Berlin, etc. His paintings have been purchased by the Nathional Art Gallery, Sofia Art Gallery, Pushkin Museum Moscow – engravings collection, Lieudwig Collection, Germany, as well as by private collectors from France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Norway, etc. Professor at the Academy for Fine Arts. Lives and works in Sofia.
Publisher National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 48
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8718-59-2
Creation date 2022
Size 22 х 21 cm

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