Catalogue of the Bulgarian Medieval Coins of the 13th14th Centuries: Types, Variants, Prices. Author: Konstantin Dochev. Language: English—Bulgarian (bilingual)


Table of contents


Weight and monetary systems and money circulation in Bulgaria in the period 7th14th c.

Nominals  and coin names




Ivan Assen II (12181241)

Mitso(?) Assen (12561263)

Konstantine Assen (12571277)

Despot Yakov Svetoslav (12611275)

George I Terter (12801282)

Svetoslav Theodore (1301-1322)

George II Terter (13221323)

Mikhail III Assen (Shishman) (13231330)

Ivan Stephen (13301331)

Ivan Alexander (13311371)

Anonymous copper coinages, issued under

the reign of Ivan Alexander

Mikhail Assen (1332/331352/55)

Ivan Shishman (13711395)

Ivan Sratsimir (1352/551396)

Debatable silver coinages of Bulgarian rulers from the 14th c.

Dux George (13251335?)

Mikhail “tsar” and Irina “tsaritsa" (13251331?)

Mikhail “CAR” with St. Stephen (13311337?)

Mikhail “IMPERATOR” with St. George (13311337?)

Mikhail Assen “IMPERATOR” with name­less saint (13311337?)

Debatable silver and copper coinages, attributed to independent Bulgarian rulers from North-Eastern Bulgaria

Despot Dobrotitsa (1360?1385)

John Terter (13851399)

Imitative copper coins from the period 13601420

List of the cited literature in the Catalogue

Index of people and places  

List of the rulers

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