Bulgarians and Jews over the centuries
Българи и евреи през вековете
Language: Bulgarian


     The author explores the traditional historical ties between Jews and Bulgarians  from the earliest settlements of Jews on the territory of today's Bulgaria tо their relations within the medieval and modern Bulgarian state; their participation in the Bulgarian liberation movement and in the wars for national unification; the active role of Bulgarian Jews before the international community in defense of national interests, when Bulgaria twice  after the First and Second World Wars  has to wait for the decision of the Great Powers in concluding peace treaties in Paris.

     The edition includes information about the rich Jewish cultural and historical heritage preserved in Bulgaria: synagogues, architectural monuments, memorials, museum collections, old printed books etc. The achievements of a number of Bulgarian Jews with significant contribution to Bulgarian culture, literature and painting are presented (Elias Canetti, Valeri Petrov, Solomon Rosanes, Victor Baruch, Dora Gabe, Jules Pasquin, Sultana Suruzhon etc.) .


Publisher Bulgarian bestseller
Language Bulgarian
Pages 204
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-463-021-8
Creation date 2008
Size 28 х 20 cm

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